The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Kelly Polzin


Whether he’s competing in a triathlon, speaking to an international audience of eager entrepreneurs, or running his myriad commercial enterprises, Dr. Thaddeus Gala, DC, operates at full throttle.


This successful author, investor, and business owner is hard-wired to pursue opportunity, philanthropy and advancements in the marketplace wherever he finds it. No matter if it’s piloting his own plane at his home in southern Oregon, vacationing at his villa in Puerto Rico, hiking a mountain trail, or extolling the interconnectivity of health and wealth, Thaddeus has his eyes on the horizon and his ambition in overdrive.


From his first business endeavor selling farm-fresh eggs from his parents’ homestead ranch to starting his first health care clinic in 2011, Thaddeus’ drive has enabled him to attain great success and notoriety. As founder, CEO, and medical director of Complete Care clinics, Thaddeus has expanded the business to several locations that attend for nearly 50,000 patient transactions yearly. His books and videos on health and wealth have made him a sought-after speaker. Thaddeus has launched and oversees numerous successful commercial enterprises. He owns significant real estate holdings and has earned a reputation as a savvy investor. He regularly gives his time, money, knowledge, and resources to worthy causes and initiatives locally, nationally, and internationally.


In that spirit of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, Thaddeus launched The Guardians.


The Guardians is an exclusive business and philanthropic mastermind that strives to empower individuals possessing an entrepreneurial mindset to make an impact on this world and to leave a legacy that reaches beyond their business. Not only does The Guardians offer business and personal development at the highest levels, it is a community of successful individuals who treasure the power of genuine relationships and an abundance mindset.


“As Guardians, our goal is not only to share our knowledge, but to forge life-long relationships and launch breakthroughs to the next level of impact, just as I was able to do in my health care business,” he said. 


Thaddeus conceived the Guardians when he was only 10 years old. At that time, Thaddeus “lost” his mom. It’s not that she passed away, rather, she became physically disabled. The doctors and specialists who examined her agreed that she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair and that she possibly wouldn’t see her two sons graduate high school.


As a young boy, the impact of witnessing his mother’s failing health fostered a deep-seated drive for Thaddeus to save his mom’s life.


As a result, this pursuit of wholistic wellness has helped countless patients facing similar health issues. Ultimately, that experience as a child led to his first career in natural health care.


His mom is now in her 70s and in complete remission. She has started running 5K races, frequently winning her age group. Her story is so remarkable, she and Dr. Gala have been featured on NBC, CBS, and numerous other media outlets. She also has become the lead health coach within Thaddeus’ clinics.


But in his early days as a clinician, Thaddeus faced another daunting task. After opening his first clinic in 2011, Thaddeus and his staff worked tirelessly to make it profitable. However, when discussing year-end financials with his CPA, he found himself staring at a $270,000 tax bill. With only $30,000 in the checking account, Thaddeus was perplexed as to how it was possible to work that hard and now needed nearly a quarter-million dollars simply to pay taxes.


That was when he learned about Cash Flow Arbitrage™. Simply put, Cash Flow Arbitrage allows financially savvy businesses and entrepreneurs to reduce or eliminate their tax burden, while simultaneously keeping their cash fully liquid so they can continue building their wealth.


“People are amazed and confounded by how a huge company such as Amazon makes soaring profits, yet pays no federal income tax,” Thaddeus said. “Cash Flow Arbitrage™ is one of those secrets. And I’d like to share that secret with other business owners.”


The lack of knowledge about this strategy is the roadblock to tax savings and wealth creation. For Thaddeus, sharing that knowledge is central to The Guardians.


“Through my efforts and what I’ve learned, I was able to become successful,” he said. “But I’m just one person. What if I could help others do the same?


“There is so much darkness in the world. I want to be the light, and I want other people to not only embrace the light, but also to share it.”