The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Kelly Polzin

At the early age of 12 years old, Justine Blainey learned that the price of a value held dear can be loneliness and friendship, despair and elation, endless work and useful work, and the sometime sadness tinged with satisfaction of a life lived well, a life lived to serve. Her beliefs became action and five court cases later, the Ontario Human Rights Code was amended to remove legislated inequality in sports, and Justine hit the ice with the boys. Justine has not sat on the pride of her past achievements. Justine continues to 
believe passionately in equality. Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker, Doctor of
Chiropractic, she has spoken on chiropractic, health and well-being, goal setting and goal getting. She continues to be always on the path of idealism and encouraging others to join her, Dr. Justine-Blainey-Broker is a living example of the excellence of a life lived well in the service of others.

A 1989 graduate of Life University, Dr. Tony has operated not one, but two highly successful chiropractic practices during the past twenty-five years. His 100% Cash, 100% Referral/Members ONLY Practice which caters primarily to health conscious individuals and their families has become a model for countless chiropractors around the world. He is a post-graduate continuing education faculty member at Life University School of Chiropractic, a past team teacher for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance's Total Solution and an author with countless articles published in a variety of chiropractic trade publications. He has spoken before thousands of doctors in a variety of chiropractic gatherings, conventions and seminars worldwide. He served as the CEO of the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) and Senior Vice-President of The Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. In his ‘spare time’ he is an adjunct CollegeProfessor of Anatomy and Physiology! He was born to teach… Dr. Tony Palermo.

Cory St. Denis is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at the DCTree. This movement and company sprouted from his vision of ensuring all Chiropractic students receive the cutting edge technique, neuroscience and identity building information he was exposed to at training sessions with his mentors. He is passionate about building a coalition to bridge the gap between new Chiropractors and practice fulfillment. Currently he is a doctoral student and senior intern at Logan University.

Dr. Russ Rosen is a dynamic and passionate chiropractor, author, international coach, educator and speaker, Russ ran one of the most successful wellness practices in Maui Hawaii for 14 years. Dr. Rosen is best known for his “Patient Care” vs. “Patient Scare” Wellness Communication systems. He served as Lead Author and Director of Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s Creating Wellness Management System. Dr. Rosen is the proud recipient of CLA/CWA’s 2007 “Lifetime Achievement” award. Since 2001 Russ has helped hundreds of doctors thrive in a True Optimal-Health model and is CEO of The Optimal Health Chiropractic System.


Dr. Steve Hoffman brings 35 years of experience in the chiropractic field along with a substantial and practical business background. His accomplishments in both the health field and the business arena are impressive. His primary focus is empowering chiropractors to clarify their own individual vision for their life, business and practice and then show them what they are already doing that will contribute to them accomplishing that purpose. He is driven by the idea that we all leave an indelible mark on those we touch and he wants that mark to have accumulative constructive survival value.


Dr. Kevin Ehl’s belief is that the doctor should serve from a place of love with the goal of core healing. Kevin is a believer in giving back. He travelled to El Salvador on a mission, and gave the gift of chiropractic adjustments to over 600 El Salvadorians in 5 days. He has lectured about Chiropractic, healing, life and universal principles at Life West Chiropractic College, California University at Berkeley and numerous Health expos. He is a former professional ball player in fact, and I consider him to be a great Chiropractor. Kevin practices in Port Moody, British Columbia.


Dr. Ed Osburn believes that we as Chiropractors are more alike than we are different. After 13 years in practice, Dr. Ed Osburn has learned from both his failures and his successes. In this podcast, learn the WHY behind the host and creator of The Chiropractic Philanthropist.