The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Kelly Polzin

Dr. Carey Sigafoose, founder of SigTalks Podcast & (re-launched) website, is a chiropractor whom has travelled to over 70 countries.

He believes in practice building approach that is PURE, simple and vital.

Dr. Sigafoose has a vision to create a new philosophical leadership within today’s Chiropractic profession. The SigTalks Podcast & website are named for the legacy of his late father and Chiropractor Dr. James Sigafoose, will be the catalyzing agent for this mission. 

Lindsay is a high energy, international chiropractor, who has shared her passion and dedication for chiropractic with communities on 3 different continents. Her life changed drastically after she began chiropractic care at the age of 7, and it was then that she decided to dedicate her life to serving people through chiropractic. By the age 28, Dr. CJ Mertz had already built his own Waiting List Practice. Serving a thousand patient’s visits per week, Dr. Mertz devised the most power and complete practice strategy ever known. His cash-like system was both affordable for patients and highly profitable. Dr. CJ’s patient education and communication systems inspired his patients to continue beyond corrective care plans, into proactive wellness care. Through an outpouring of peer requests worldwide, Dr. CJ Mertz founded Full Potential Leadership chiropractic training.

Since 1984 he has traveled almost four million miles, teaching more than 700 seminars, trained with nearly 16,000 chiropractors while visiting over 3600 private practices all over the globe. Through the award winning XLR8TM Coaching, FPL has successfully built more practices serving greater than 400 patients per week profitably, than any other coaching program in history. Recently CJ has launched the Olympian Results Academy and Coach’s Corner Blog for Chiropractic to assist in leading offices to reach to new heights.

Dr. Mertz is continually studying and researching the profession in the key areas that lead to new practice breakthroughs. “Now that these coaching tools are developed, trouble shooting to serve more people in your community has become a science for XLR8 clients around the world to reach their full potential.”    

Dr. Bob Hoffman is the President and CEO of The Masters Circle, a highly specialized and unique Leadership Training and Practice Building organization that has revolutionized the traditional model of management consulting and coaching for chiropractors common in our profession today.

Dr. Hoffman graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1978. He ran a very successful, cash based, high volume practice on Long Island for 23 years before pursuing his dream of leading and guiding an unsurpassed group of chiropractic professionals with a multitude of college backgrounds, political affiliations, practice sizes and technique styles toward the lifestyle and practice of their dreams. 

Throughout his distinguished career, he has achieved a wide variety of honors including becoming the12th President of the International Chiropractors Association; a renowned organization which began in 1926, and as a founding member and Chairman of the Board of the New York Chiropractic Council. 

As a Bestselling author, international speaker, sought after coach and well-known figure in the profession, Dr. Hoffman accepts speaking engagements worldwide. His passion and results speak for themselves, as he has successfully guided thousands of chiropractors and their teams to professional excellence and personal mastery. 

At the Parker Seminar in January in Las Vegas in front of an audience of more than 3000, Dr. Singer received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

This most prestigious award is granted to those doctors who have dedicated their lives to the furthering of the Chiropractic Profession and have given generously to help their fellow chiropractors.

Dr. Singer graduated Chiropractic School in 1972 from what was then Columbia Institute of Chiropractic which went on to become New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Singer, in 1972, because of his practice success, became a regular speaker at Parker Seminar delighting his audience with his humorous and practical explanations on how to boom one's practice.

In 1981, his practice took off like a rocket with nearly 50 new patients per week and a total of over a thousand visits a week in 9 months. He then entered the world of Chiropractic Consulting. For the last 33 years he has traveled over 6 million miles to help Chiropractors succeed in practice from Australia to Italy. His company has helped nearly one thousand clinics per year for 33 years to get more new patients, educate them better and earn more income.

During this period of time he delivered over 10,000 seminars and teleconference. He and his company appeared twice on the INC. 500 list of the fastest growing privately owned companies in America.

What most people do not know is that he has assisted in the opening of over 200 upper cervical clinics worldwide, brought spinal decompression to America, helped name Care Credit and brought it to the Chiropractic Profession. He was chosen as the Chiropractor who most influenced the finances of Chiropractic by the subscribers of Chiropractic Economics Magazine over two decades ago. He created the Patient Appreciation Procedure that in California, with his permission, became project HOPE or Help Other People Eat. He created the Stress Survey now commonly in use and taught how to conduct Stress Screening and other outside lecture techniques as early as 1979.

One of his proudest achievements is his creation of The Foundation for Wellness Professional, a federally approved Non-Profit Organization that has the same tax exempt status as the Red Cross. It now provides Wellness Programs for Chrysler USA, Amtrak, Verizon Phone Company, and through its volunteer network of Chiropractors and other Health Professionals over 10,000 workshops, lectures, stress screenings, etc. each year.

He is considered the Obi-Wan Kenobi of purpose, the Einstein of New Patient Marketing and the creator of the best patient education systems for the promotion of long term lifetime care.

Dr. Mindy Pelz graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology & Nutrition. In 1996, she graduated from Palmer West College of Chiropractic and received the award for clinical excellence. She has owned and practiced at Family Life Chiropractic in Downtown San Jose for 14 years.

Dr. Mindy’s philosophy is that our bodies need “erasers” to undo the damaging effects of stressful living. She works closely with each patient to find those exact “erasers” that will reactivate a strong immune system and create a life free from pain, filled with endless energy and an overall feeling of well being.

She believes “the foundation for a happy, vibrant life is your health”. Along with her team Dr. Mindy has helped thousands of people reclaim their health by integrating chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise. As a mother of two, she knows the importance of working with the entire family, including the kids. Helping families develop a positive attitude toward wellness is one of Dr. Mindy’s strengths. She works with every member of the family, identifying the necessary steps each person needs to take to stay healthy and live their most fulfilling and vibrant life. Dr. Mindy Pelz and her team make health exciting, easy to implement, and extremely rewarding.

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Dr. Eric Plasker is the founder and president of The Family Practice, the premiere practice building and personal development company for chiropractors.

Through The Family Practice, Dr. Plasker has helped thousands of chiropractors grow by millions of patients and over $500 million in collections delivering high integrity, lifetime chiropractic care.

As a sought after speaker and media personality, Dr. Plasker is one of a handful of chiropractors to be featured on television, radio and other media platforms reaching millions of people while also speaking to ”live” chiropractic and corporate audiences of more than 10,000.

He is the international bestselling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle and The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout which have attracted people all over the world to lifetime chiropractic care and created hundreds of millions of media impressions.

He ran two highly successful lifetime care family practices in Atlanta and now, along with his team, Dr. Plasker is more committed than ever to chiropractors and the profession. He is married to his wife Lisa and together they have three children: Jacob, Emily and Cory, all who have chosen to become chiropractors.

Dr. Sharon Gorman has maintained several large family practices for over 20 years, specializing in health and wellness. She has cared for thousands of patients and has performed over half a million adjustments in her career.

Dr. Sharon graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia in 1984. Her first position as a Chiropractor was in Thomasville Pennsylvania. After working with another Chiropractor for a year she decided to open her first practice in Stroudsburg in June of 1985. In 1987 she opened her second practice in Brodheadsville and in 1989 she opened offices in Marshall’s Creek and Pocono Summit.

 Dr. Sharon Gorman has always been very active in the Chiropractic Community as well as the local community. She has recently begun to serve her second 3-year appointment on the Board of Trustees of Life University. She travels to Atlanta at least 6 times a year to fulfill this obligation. She serves on the Board of her state association, the Chiropractic Fellowship of PA. She speaks at many Chiropractic Colleges and at many State Association Seminars. She puts on a monthly seminar for Chiropractors here in the Pocono’s, which is also open to perspective Chiropractic students.

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Weekly conversations with Chiropractors that have experienced both the highs and lows of practice and life, what they have learned and applied from these struggles and challenges, and practical advice and encouragement to inspire you to new heights. Steeped in fifteen years of Chiropractic clinical practice and the day to day teaching and application of wellness principles,  Franson’s interface with a vibrant family practice affords him a unique perspective of what works in healthcare – and what doesn’t.   As the owner operator of one of the most robust wellness practices on the planet, his time is spent in the trenches with families that are simply looking for a better way to better health.  He is an exceptional clinician, passionate teacher and great student of behavioral science.

Dr. Franson was named All-State and All-American Chiropractor by his peers, is a sought-after international Wellness speaker, author and teacher of the Wellness Lifestyle.  He was voted one of the Most Influential Chiropractors under 40 in 2009.

A graduate of the University of Vermont (B.S.), Life Chiropractic College (D.C.) and a certified Gonstead Instructor, Dr. Franson has served as an extended faculty member at Life University, Palmer College and Northwestern College of Life Sciences.  He is a member of the Endicott College Board of Advisors and serves as Director of the North Shore Corrective Chiropractic Cooperative.  He hosted the Body Signals health radio program, authored the Total Lifestyle Conditioning Program, Well People Program and Be Well Program.  He is a certified Level 1 Crossfit Trainer and owner of Bonfire CrossFit.  Franson Family Chiropractic, which Dr. Franson opened in 1997 with his wife, Dr. Camilla Franson, is one of the largest wellness clinics in the world.

Dr. Franson’s vision for wellness extends well beyond the confines of his Beverly, Massachusetts practice.  Co-creator of the Bonfire Health Program, a web-based Total Wellness Lifestyle Program, serves to educate families in genetically congruent living for better health outcomes and more fulfilling lives.  Franson professes strategies for better health through better living by working with nature, rather than against it.

Franson serves as Founder and CEO of Bonfire Health, Inc. as well as The Remarkable Practice Coaching.

Dr. Roland (Rolly) Bohemier, Vice-President

Chiropractic for the World Foundation

Dr. Roland was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1976 and has been in continuous practice ever since. He has owned and operated nine different practices, mostly in the rural areas. To encourage chiropractic in the rural areas, he turned six of the practices over to family and friends who had graduated from Chiropractic College.

Dr. Rolly has been active on the Board of Directors for Chiropractic for the World Foundation and currently holds the position of Vice-President. He has participated in several chiropractic trips to Africa and has witnessed first-hand the level of enthusiasm and appreciation expressed by many in developing nations for the gift of chiropractic.

Dr. Rolly, or “Rockin’ Rolly” as he is better known as, resides and practices in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is married to Luciana and they have 6 children and 7 grandchildren… so far!

He can be reached at

Learn more about Chiropractic for the World Foundation

Dr Brian Kelly is a special leader in chiropractic. 

He is the second only president of Life Chiropractic College West in California, USA, succeeding Dr Gerry Clum in 2011, and was the former President of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic from 2002-2011.  He is the first non-American to be appointed to a US chiropractic college.

Dr Kelly is a New Zealander who built a successful multi doctor practice in Melbourne, Australia for over a decade, and is a past President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and a Board member for over a decade.

His outstanding contribution has been recognized by his peers and community through his numerous professional awards.  In 2006, he was voted the best guest speaker by the students at the Auckland Medical School.  His broad and influential presence has inspired hundreds of people to pursue a career in chiropractic.  He is the CAA (Vic) 2001 Chiropractor of the Year, the 2007 International Chiropractor of the Year, awarded by Parker Seminars, the 2009 NZ Chiropractor of the Year, and recipient of the 2009 ADAPE Leadership Award for outstanding leadership in private education.  In 2014 he was nominated by his peers to be a Fellow of the International Chiropractors Association

Dr. Kelly ran for parliament in 2008 in the New Zealand general election, where he came second in his electorate, and ran a very effective campaign. 

During his time at Life West enrolment has grown rapidly and he has introduced many innovative programs.  One of these is the WAVE seminar in 2011, which has rapidly become one of the leading seminars in chiropractic, attracting thought leaders to the platform, and an audience of over 1,500 people.  Being a kiwi and a keen follower of Rugby, he launched the Life West Gladiators in 2014 which made it to the US National 3D final in their inaugural year.

Dr Kelly speaks throughout the world and is an inspiring advocate of change.  In 2013 he spoke in Delhi, India to an audience of over 1 million people

Dr. Chad Mykietiuk is a chiropractor in Nova Scotia, where he owns and operates his clinic alongside his chiropractic sweetheart, Dr. Megan.

Dr. Chad is also the co-founder of Wellness Media, a chiropractic patient education company dedicated to supporting the chiropractic profession through their print and online materials. Dr. Chad’s genuine enthusiasm for chiropractic and overall wellness is evident in his honest and up-front education style, which he incorporates into the content for Wellness Media.

In addition to running two growing businesses, Dr. Chad is the father of two young children and strives to always put family first, raising his children using the same chiropractic and wellness principles he teaches in practice and through Wellness Media. 

Dr. Alesha Paul is a 2010 graduate of the Texas Chiropractic College of Pasadena, Tx. Born in Alexandria, Louisiana and raised in Marietta, Georgia. During her internship at Moody Health Center she did a rotation at "Cenkor" drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Pasadena, TX. Before entering Chiropractic College she was a fitness expert for several fitness clubs through out La. and Atlanta, well as a boot camp instructor in Pasadena, TX. Dr. Paul has always been a motivator when it comes to exercise, accomplishing ones goals, and desire to help people achieve optimal health.

Dr. Paul knows all to well the physical pain one acquires after being in a motor vehicle accident with an 18-wheeler. Not believing in taking pain meds, she sought out chiropractic care as her first and only choice for her care. While studying pre-med classes to become an OBGYN, she then decided chiropractic care was her career choice and giving back to others in her same situation. Dr. Paul is now accomplishing that dream and passion at "Mind and Body Solutions" in Friendswood, Tx

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