The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Kelly Polzin

Zoe’s passion for chiropractic and wellness began in 2010 when she met her partner Joe, since then they have created one of the largest wellness facilities in the UK with chiropractic at the heart.  Based on her own personal experiences and drive to change as many lives as possible, Zoe very quickly left the world of banking behind her, sold her house and car to provide a deposit on their dream practice and has never looked back.  They now manage 14 members of staff, run a 2000 sqft onsite rehab facility and are the first centre in the UK to run 8 Weeks to Wellness.”

Since graduating from the AECC in 2009 Dr. Tilley has quickly become recognised within the profession for his passion and dedication to human wellness.  With his comittment and drive Dr. Tilley had set up his first practice in September 2009 and now five years on owns one of the largest wellness facilities in the UK.   

Following the sudden loss of one of his young clients from a fatal heart attack, Dr. Tilley felt a moral obligation to develop his model of practice by objectively measuring health and holding clients accountable.  This gave birth to Core Wellness Centres, a centre dedicated to changing the way people eat, think, move and function.  By following this model of practice Dr. Tilley is now the face of the life changing programme 8 Weeks to Wellness® UK and has made a  huge impact not only to the health of his community but also the profession.     

Dr Tilley is passionate about being congruent with his message living an innate lifestyle hunting, spearfishing and surfing.