The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Kelly Polzin

Dr. Alexander Vidan is a well- known speaker and wellness advocate within the St. Louis community. Dr. Vidan has served as one of the team physicians for the St. Louis Cardinals organization since 2009, including during their 2011 World Championship season. Since 2008 he has been a regularly featured consultant on health and wellness topics for Fox 2 News and KPLR Channel 11 News. He serves on the Executive Board of the Mid-County YMCA and is Vice-President of District 1 of the Missouri State Chiropractic Association. 

Dr. Vidan received his Doctorate degree in 2004 from Logan College. He uses his degrees in Kinesiology (Human movement) and Human Biology to encourage natural methods of achieving and maintaining overall health and wellness to his patients. His love of teaching others is apparent and Dr. Vidan was the lead technique tutor while at Logan and also received numerous accolades, including the Award of Excellence. After graduation, Dr. Vidan returned to Logan as an adjunct faculty member, while also running a busy and successful private practice. 

As part of his mission to improve the quality of life within his community, Dr. Vidan has provided wellness education support to Fortune 500 companies, employees of city and county health departments, public and private schools and universities, and professional organizations for other health care providers. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his speaking engagements, while relating to his audience on a personal level. Equally at ease in front of an entire city on live television, or presenting to groups of all sizes, Dr. Vidan’s easygoing personality shines through as he engages his audience to achieve their health and wellness goals through realistic lifestyle modifications. He is truly committed to helping everyone perform at their best. As his patients have been quoted saying “He not only has healing hands of gold, but a heart of gold.”

How an ex-neurotic, ex-Long Island chiropractor underwent a personal life transformation that led to his helping others discover the keys to their success.

Dr. Steve’s early years were plagued by crippling anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Despite graduating valedictorian from one of the nation’s top chiropractic colleges and running a thriving practice, Dr. Steve found that his outer success did little to calm his inner turmoil.

Thus began a thirty year journey to understand the root of his suffering. His exploration of Western psychotherapy, Eastern teachings of mindfulness, hypnosis, and the science of neurology provided profound insight into the universal nature and cause of suffering; the subconscious mind… which ultimately led to the creation of his successful UnHypnosissystem and bestselling book.

Blending his teachings with a long time passion for comedy and magic, Dr. Steve developed a series of insightful, fun presentations about mastering the subconscious mind which were quickly embraced by organizations for their ability to get people in action.

Since then, Dr. Steve’s excitement, motivation and enthusiasm have earned him fans from every profession as he continues to enthrall audiences worldwide, helping them remove mental barriers to achieving their dreams.