The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Kelly Polzin

Dr. Carolyn Griffin is a Chiropractor who has served patients for more than 21 years. She is a proud member of the team at Back to Health Chiropractic, which has 2 locations in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Dr. Griffin received her Chiropractic degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1995. She is certified in whiplash trauma and Bio Cranial Technique. Dr. Griffin is also a member of several organizations, including the Santa Clarita Valley Chiropractic Association, California Chiropractic Association, and League of Chiropractic Women.

She has been voted "Best Chiropractor in the Santa Clarita Valley" for several years and most recently was voted "Favorite Chiropractor" by the readers of the DAILY NEWS. She continuously enhances her education by attending weekend seminars and training, and is committed to providing every patient with the highest standard of healthcare. Dr. Griffin has been entrusted to take care of day-old babies to pro athletes using techniques specific to the patient and their condition.

Alex Charfen is the co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN. He has spent his life seeking to understand how to make business grow, which evolved into the question, “How do you help people grow?” Through his research and years as a top consultant to billionaires, the Fortune 500 and Global 100, this question led Alex to discover the long-misunderstood Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT). Best-selling author Robin Sharma recently described Alex as “the most progressive entrepreneurial mind on the planet.” A highly sought-after speaker on entrepreneurial awareness, Alex has spoken around the world for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and top global businesses to help them identify and live in their strengths.

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Dr. Jason Strotheide is the founder and CEO of both ChiroNutraceutical and Noah's Arc Foundation of Missouri. ChiroNutraceutical is an international nutraceutical company who's flagship product is the #1 doctor supervised weight loss program for Chiropractic offices in North America.

Dr. Strotheide is also honored to be the founder and CEO of, which is a not-for-profit that received the first Missouri license to legally grow, extract, manufacture, and dispense low THC medical cannabis.

Dr. Nima Rahmany, DC, CCWP is a Chiropractor and educator, specializing in helping individuals and professionals get to the ROOT CAUSE of their physical and emotional challenges, solving them permanently. In June 2016 Nima sold his successful practice so he could pursue his passion for teaching and coaching professionals who are stressed, depressed, and anxious, helping them transform and have their best year ever - in both a private and corporate setting.

Integrating mind-body tools in his quest for healing stress-related disorders, Nima created his own effective and simplified approach to healing called “The Overview Method”, which he teaches worldwide both 1:1 and in a group setting via his online programs, and “edutaining" lectures filled with inspired authenticity.

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Dr. Josh Handt has been in practice since 2006. In that time span he has received the Top Chiropractors in America and along with his father Dr. Jay Handt and sister Dr. Morgan Handt, they received the Best of New York Chiropractors, Americas Top Chiropractors, Best of Manhattan Chiropractor Hall of Fame, Talk of The Town prestigious Sapphire award for Excellence in Patient Satisfaction for 5 consecutive years, featured on the History Channel, New York Magazine,The Learning Annex, as well as becoming the first 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate in Manhattan.

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