The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Kelly Polzin

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

Dr. Lipton began his scientific career as a cell biologist. He received his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973. Dr. Lipton’s research on muscular dystrophy, studies employing cloned human stem cells, focused upon the molecular mechanisms controlling cell behavior. An experimental tissue transplantation technique developed by Dr. Lipton and colleague Dr. Ed Schultz and published in the journal Science was subsequently employed as a novel form of human genetic engineering.

In 1982, Dr. Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems. He produced breakthrough studies on the cell membrane, which revealed that this outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of a computer chip, the cell’s equivalent of a brain. His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics. Two major scientific publications derived from these studies defined the molecular pathways connecting the mind and body. Many subsequent papers by other researchers have since validated his concepts and ideas.

Dr. Lipton’s novel scientific approach transformed his personal life as well. His deepened understanding of cell biology highlighted the mechanisms by which the mind controls bodily functions, and implied the existence of an immortal spirit. He applied this science to his personal biology, and discovered that his physical well-being improved, and the quality and character of his daily life was greatly enhanced.

Dr. Lipton has taken his award-winning medical school lectures to the public and is currently a sought after keynote speaker and workshop presenter. He lectures to conventional and complementary medical professionals and lay audiences about leading-edge science and how it dovetails with mind-body medicine and spiritual principles. He has been heartened by anecdotal reports from hundreds of former audience members who have improved their spiritual, physical and mental well being by applying the principles he discusses in his lectures. He is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology. Dr Lipton’s work summarizing his findings, entitled The Biology of Belief, (Hay House Publishing, 202 pages, $25, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-4019-2311-2). His new book, Spontaneous Evolution, Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, (Hay House Publishing, ISBN 978-1-4019-2580-2) is available now.

Dr. Books is an author, educator, doctor and new thought leader. She is the founder of Books Neural Therapy™, a well-documented, systematic approach to dissolving dyslexia, ADHD, head traumas, and many chronic health issues. Her book, Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and Behavior Without Drugs was released in 2013 by Square One Publishing. Another book about her work, House of Miracles, was written by Bernice Dotz.  Also in 2013, Dr. Books released the world’s first online treatment class for parents, The Dyslexia Reversal System. In 2014, she added online and live classes of BNT ™ for professionals.

Her formal education includes an undergraduate degree in education and English from Michigan State University, a master’s degree in interpersonal communications from the University of North Texas and a doctor of chiropractic from Parker University. She has taught and lectured in the U.S., Europe and Australia.  Her alma mater granted her the Outstanding International Alumni Award for her many contributions.

Dr. Books has done extensive postgraduate work in family systems, accelerated learning styles, energy medicine, neuroscience, pediatrics and nutrition.  With a last name of Books, she says she is destined to be learning forever.

Her treatment success offers encouraging proof that the brain is changeable all the time at every age. Trained both traditional an energetic healing modalities, Dr. Books combines keen listening and diagnostic skills to help you feel better than ever. 

Dr. Books has done extensive post-graduate work in family systems, accelerated learning styles, psychology, neural associative techniques, energy medicine, brain-mind research, pediatrics and nutrition. With a last name of Books, she says she is destined to be learning forever.

Trained in both traditional and energetic healing modalities, Dr. Books combines keen listening and diagnostic skills to help you feel better than ever. She lectures and teaches on activating new potentials and possibilities in children…of all ages.

Since 1996, Dr. Maj has run a family-oriented subluxation-based wellness practice in Chicago where she specializes in pediatric, pregnancy, family, and wellness care. Dr. Maj is certified in Pediatrics and the Webster Technique from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Maj is a member of the Royal Knights of the Chiropractic Roundtable, on the board of the League of Chiropractic Women, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and the World Congress of Chiropractic Women.

The second edition of her book, You Can Be Well, was released last year. In this book she discusses the 5 vital steps to wellness. 

Inspired by chiropractic missions she participated in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Dr. Stephanie Maj has created her own mission work right in her home town of Chicago. She has volunteered her time at the Night Ministry, a homeless organization, where she adjusts homeless youth on the streets as well as in their local shelter.

Dr. Maj speaks internationally on a variety of topics ranging from success in practice, aging well, to pediatrics and pregnancy. She brings an energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor to the stage in a way that helps inspire others to reach for their dreams.

In January, 2016, Dr. Steph has launched her own podcast, Women Seeking Wellness, focusing on the Real Story on how to Be Well at any age. In the short time it has been out, her podcast climbed to #1 spot on the iTunes New and Noteworthy in the health category. Please look for it on iTunes and Stitcher or go to to listen.

Jack Wolfson D.O., F.A.C.C., is a board certified cardiologist who uses nutrition and supplements to prevent and treat disease.

After ten years performing angiograms, pacemakers, and other cardiac procedures, Dr. Wolfson started Wolfson Integrative Cardiology in 2012 to offer patients the ultimate in holistic heart care.

Raised in Chicago, he attended Midwestern University for his D.O. degree and completed a 3 year Internal Medicine residency and 3 year cardiology fellowship. He was selected as the chief fellow of his class.

Together with his wife, Dr. Heather Wolfson DC, they are The Drs. Wolfson. Their website is an excellent resource for holistic health and lifestyle information. The Drs. Wolfson have two beautiful boys who were born at home, nursed for over 3 years, and they are still co-sleeping.

Amazon Best Seller, The Paleo Cardiologist is the first book by Dr. Wolfson.


Sharí is a persuasiveness coach known for bringing the "dark arts" of influence into the light. She has built her career as a speaker, writer, trainer and coach by revealing powerful secrets behind conversational influence.

She has personally learned the best persuasive triggers and techniques from master influencers, including CIA field agents, hostage negotiators, con-artists, HUMINT officers, interrogators, trial attorneys, mentalists, undercover law enforcement, and even pick-up artists. Her mission is to put these powerful skills in the hands of entrepreneurs and leaders so that they can effectively be a positive influence in their businesses and lives. Sharí has designed numerous communication training courses and speeches that cover these enlightening areas of enhanced communication, along with self-study programs.

Sharí is certified in neurolinguistic programing (NLP), microexpressions, and body language. Her clients include CEOs, politicians, professional athletes (NFL, NBA), television and movie producers, news commentators (ESPN, HLN, NBC), and New York Times Bestselling authors. Sharí is also a regular contributor to Entrepreneur and guest lecturer at USC.

If you're wanting to inquire about her availability for your next meeting or bringing her training programs to your organization, please click here.


Lance considers himself to be a student on the path toward mastery in the subject of human movement, performance, & well-being. He began his career as an athlete in the sports of track & field, cross country, and triathlon. After suffering numerous injuries, he entered the field of sports medicine where he learned to evaluate and rehabilitate injuries doing so for multiple national and Olympic teams. He continued his education in the field of injury prevention and performance training and applied that knowledge in the development of the Integrative Movement Program for Chiropractors; Adjusting Ninjas. He earned his doctorate in chiropractic where he learned the concept of lifelong, self-sustained well-being and now lives his dream coaching athletes on the importance of training effectively in order to achieve high performance, efficiently in order to enjoy "the space between", and sustainably in order to thrive for life.
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Dr. Josh Wagner – Perfect Patient Funnel System

Dr. Josh Wagner created a very profitable and stress free practice starting out with less than $5,000 in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.

After being frustrated with chiropractic’s low public perception,
drastically declining insurance coverage, being taught scripts for patients and coming off as a salesman while feeling uncertain about the best care to recommend…

He took a step back from the way Chiropractic has been preached
to practice the past 30 years.

The way that made him uneasy, not himself, and not in love with practice anymore.

It sparked the creation of The Perfect Patient Funnel System:

An easy to follow and implement program helping DCs worldwide grow in practice with far less stress while being authentic in all practice procedures.

The PPFS is a training program for chiropractors
to achieve easier growth regardless of technique, location or philosophy.

Using practice and communication strategies not yet introduced
in Chiropractic, PPFS members see increase in practice with far more ease and peace of mind.

Dr. Wagner looks forward to making a difference for you and your practice too.

ABOUT Dr. Damian Kristof

I’ve been in the health industry now for more than 20 years in many different capacities. As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Chiropractor I have enjoyed helping thousands of people regain health and vitality through natural approaches. I am continually excited and delighted by the life changes that people experience when they start to trust in their own ability to heal without excessive intervention.

My path through health has been exciting and varied, and at the same time very challenging and rewarding. I love the ability to interact on a one on one basis daily with my practice members and at the same time, I love the ability to educate and inspire people to change through multi media including Radio (Melbourne’s Triple M), TV (Downsize Me, Inside New Zealand, Brian and Bobby, The Exchange) Podcasting (The Wellness Guys and 100 Not Out) and of course in a seminar setting with The Power Of Food and Crack Your Stress Code events. My belief is that both the nervous system and the gastro-intestinal system are both equally influential in the health and longevity of the individual, this is why I love chiropractic (as it deals with the nervous system) and I developed Forage Cereal (to assist the restoration of impeccable health to the gastrointestinal system).

Having combined the philosophies of both Naturopathic and Chiropractic approaches to healing and well-being – I believe that people learn and achieve the most when there is no interference and there is appropriate supply of goodness to allow the body to thrive.

Hi…I’m Dr. Ed Osburn and I am a passionate, creative Chiropractor & successful podcaster with a special knack for marketing innovation and media production.

I practiced for 14 years–creating a thriving family wellness office with my equally enthusiastic wife, Dr. Karen Osburn.

I was forced to exit my dream practice after being diagnosed with a severe illness. However I knew that I had to bounce back and become part of the profession I loved.

I created has a strong following of Chiropractors worldwide through my podcast, The Chiropractic Philanthropist. This quickly became the Chiropractic profession’s #1 podcast and a massive resource for doctors.

My wish is to combine my knowledge, experience, and success in the areas of Chiropractic, podcasting, and media marketing to deliver practical and concise “know-how” to all doctors so that they can experience massive levels of success.


The mission of The Chiropractic Philanthropist is to engage in meaningful exchanges with Chiropractic doctors to support the Chiropractic profession, elevate and motivate struggling doctors, and ultimately create a legacy of outstanding health within our communities. Our philosophy at The Chiropractic Philanthropist is: We are all more alike than we are different.


We all know that Chiropractic has unique and amazing benefits to offer and elevate the health of our communities. And while the profession of Chiropractic is proposed to be one of the BEST current and future careers—we still see doctors struggling to find balance in their personal lives, financial rewards, peace of mind, and practice freedom. My mission is provide an online platform to convey the utmost cutting edge IDEAS, INNOVATION and INSIGHT in areas of podcasting, social media, and online business training. No recycled, out of touch, unrealistic ideals allowed. TCP Academy is for BIG IDEAS only.

Dr. Jeff Langmaid is the founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor, the largest interdisciplinary outreach service in chiropractic.  His focus is on building referral relationships through research.  To get weekly chiropractic research updates and tips to build your practice join his free weekly newsletter.


Dr. Dane Donohue is a 3rd Generation Chiropractor in a family that includes 12 Chiropractors. He was acknowledged in 2008 by his peers by being named “Chiropractor of the year” by The Master Circle. With his twin sister, he developed the revolutionary 8 Weeks to Wellness program which is rapidly growing in the United States to include over 80 locations and recently has expanded to the United Kingdom as well. His true passion is “cause-based, functional medicine” and he is author of the book “Fat, Fatigued and Fed up, How metabolic syndrome is destroying your life”. He practices in Newtown, Pa and lives in Doylestown, Pa with his wife and 2 children.

Peter R. Breggin, MD, has been called "The Conscience of Psychiatry" for his many decades of successful efforts to reform the mental health field. His scientific and educational work has provided the foundation for modern criticism of psychiatric drugs and ECT, and leads the way in promoting more caring and effective therapies. He has authored dozens of scientific articles and more than twenty books including the bestseller Talking Back to Prozac(1994, with Ginger Breggin), Medication Madness: The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime (2008), and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families (2013). In 2010 hetestified before Congress about psychiatric-drug induced violence and suicide in the military.

     Dr. Breggin acts as a medical expert in criminal, malpractice and product liability suits, often involving adverse drug effects such as suicide, violence, brain injury, death, and tardive dyskinesia. A review of Dr. Breggin's forensic work can be found at Legal Cases. He began testifying in the early 1970s and has been qualified in court 85 times or more since 1987.

      Dr. Breggin is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and former full-time consultant at NIMH. Dr. Breggin's private practice is in Ithaca, New York where he treats adults, couples, and families with children. He has a subspecialty in clinical psychopharmacology, including adverse drug effects and psychiatric drug withdrawal.

The biggest gap in life is the gap between knowing and doing. 

The amazeballs challenge is how you will close that gap drastically in 30 days 

Steps to Amazeballz:

  1. Register online for FREE resources at 
  1. Check inbox for email and follow instructions to build your own amazeballz challenge plan
  2. Post your personal amazeballz plan online in social media
  3. Post your daily progress online (in your normal social media channels and in private amazeballs group on facebook)
  4. Do the work and start playing bigger every day. You are amazeballz!

Additional Resources:

Amazeballz FAQ;

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Mary’s Facebook feed for examples of amazeballs challenges:

Amazeballz on Twitter: @AmazeballzCHLG

Autumn is a wife, mama, Chiropractor, writer, public speaker and down home girl RADICALLY COMMITTED TO LOVE. She lives life with a wide open heart, dedicated to contributing to the elevation of human consciousness and inspiring audiences to find and be led by the strength of their innate Inner voice.

I’m here with Hal Elrod. He’s the #1 best-selling author of what is now being widely regarded as “one of the most life-changing books ever written” titled, The Miracle Morning: The Not- So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life... Before 8AM. It is also one of the highest rated books on Amazon with over 900 five-star reviews!

What’s even more incredible is that Hal actually died at age 20. He was hit head on by a drunk driver at 70 mph, broke 11 bones, died for 6 minutes, and spent 6 days in a coma only to wake up to face the news that he may never walk again...

Not only did Hal walk, he went on to run a 52-mile ultra marathon, become a hall of fame business achiever, an international keynote speaker, one of the world’s top success coaches, he’s a hip-hop recording artist, has been featured in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, writes for, has appeared on radio and TV shows across the country, and the list just goes on and on.

Roberty Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said the following about Hal: “Hal Elrod is a genius and his book The Miracle Morning has been magical in my life. As my rich dad often said, ‘I can always make another dollar, but I cannot make another day.’ If you want to maximize every day of your life, read The Miracle Morning.”

As the bestselling author of The Miracle Morning, I brought Hal on today to talk about how you can change any—or literally EVERY area of your life, by simply changing the way you wake up in the morning—even if you’ve never been a morning person.

Dr. Charles Majors has devoted over 15 years studying health and healing to prevent and reverse diseases through natural methods. He is the co-author of 2 books - Maximized Living Makeover and Cruise Ship or Nursing Home. He graduated from University of Illinois with a bachelors of Science and went on to receive his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  In less than 10 years he has opened 5 chiropractic clinics.  He is a highly sought after speaker and Dr. Majors has given hundreds of live lecture events in the past 10 years. In September 2010 he was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer that metastasized to his brain, with only weeks to live, he left conventional medicine and applied the same principles he has been teaching for years to reverse his own cancer and not only survive but thrive! He has now co-authored his 3rd book, The Cancer Killers -The Cause is the Cure! He lives in Plainfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, with his beautiful wife Andrea and their 4 children.

Dr. Carey Sigafoose is the youngest son of Dr. James Sigafoose and one of 8 chiropractor spawning 2 generations, if you include extended family there are 12 of us and a 3rd generation is entering college now. A graduate of University of Florida and Life University he started practicing in Baltimore, Maryland in 1997. In 2011 he took a sabbatical and moved to cape cod Massachusetts and then took off to travel through Central and South America for a year, adding the 6th of 7 continents in which he has traveled to.

Chiropractic has been apart of Dr. Carey's life from his first breath and has worked its way into every aspect of he entire being. After his fathers passing, he moved back to the US and starting digging through the decades worth of his fathers doctor and patient educational material and with his mother, Patsy Sigafoose's, help, was re-imagined and was born.

Dr. Carey's goal with both projects is to achieve and digitally preserve all of Dr. James Sigafoose material for future generation and to continue to offer all of Dr. James doctor and patient educational material for years to come.

Matt is an entrepreneur, international speaker, marital artist, and the co-founder of Freedom Practice Coaching, who will dig up and help you conquer your internal struggles, limiting beliefs, and introduce business strategies that he and his team have used to help hundreds of doctors in multiple countries to actually develop a business and not just a high paid job, all while increasing quality of care and profits.

Dr. Billy Demoss, founder and creator of CalJam--the premiere live Chiropractic event. 

Dr. Jason Sabo considers Edmonton home.  Growing up in the area as part of a large family he has a desire to see families whole and healthy.  As a student, he played collegiate volleyball for Grant McEwan and spent numerous summers as a competitive beach volleyball player.  Today, he enjoys spending his down time outdoors, training as a crossfit competitor and hanging out with his wife, Robyn, and three children.

Dr. Jason is a 2002 graduate from Northwestern College of Chiropractic.  He graduated as Valedictorian and was chosen as the class speaker.  He opened his first practice in Roseville, Minnesota before relocating to Edmonton in the spring of 2004. 

Growing up in a family who used chiropractic as a regular part of pain management, Dr. Jason was familiar with the fact that chiropractic care provided an alternate solution to mainstream pain management through medication.  While attending chiropractic school he learned that chiropractic was developed based on the knowledge that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating being.  Chiropractic’s purpose was to remove interference in one’s body so that the body could heal itself the way it was designed to. 

This principle struck a chord with Dr. Jason and from that time on he has a passion to remove nervous system interference so that people can achieve optimal health and function at a level that allows them to operate within their God-given purpose and reach the world around them with their gifts. 

As a student and during his early years in practice, Dr. Sabo found studying chiropractic techniques fascinating and strived to master techniques he found to provide the most specific corrective care possible.  Over the past decade he has developed his own unique adjusting technique that has proven to be specific, safe and gentle for all ages.  This technique in conjunction with his sincere demeanour and compassion to serve people has helped him grow one of the largest referral based offices worldwide.  

In addition to serving his community in his office he is actively involved with the Hope Mission caring for the homeless through chiropractic and helps provide homes, food and education for the widowed, orphaned and pastoral workers around the globe through various non-profit organizations.  

Dr. Jason speaks internationally and helps teach other chiropractors about the amazing profession of chiropractic.  Dr. Jason is passionate about chiropractic and revolutionizing your life through this amazing vessel.

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Entrepreneur, Investor, Actor, Comedian, Marketing Consultant, World Travel, and Writer

Ryan Daniel Moran is one of the most sought after and respected leaders on entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, and lifestyle freedom in the Internet business world. He is best known for helping entrepreneurs develop their million-dollar plan, get rapid results, and invest the profits for passive income, without being overly hypey or being an annoying salesman. Ryan runs one of the most popular business podcasts, Freedom Fast Lane, and is the world’s biggest Cleveland Indians fan.

Dr. Tatyana Lachowich is a second generation chiropractor.  Along with her father, Dr. Leo Lachowich, she directs a multi-doctor practice in Ottawa, Canada.  After a weight loss of over 75 pounds and a complete lifestyle make-over, she has developed a passion to help others achieve their full health potential.  She does this by leading by example and educating on the importance of proper activity, diet, positive thought and chiropractic. In her spare time, when not educating individuals and businesses about the chiropractic lifestyle, Tatyana teaches spin class and trains with Technosport, an Ottawa based triathlon club.  She completed in her first Ironman in 2013.

Dr. Tatyana believes that if we know something to be true we have the responsibility to share that truth.   “It is not our job to make others like us. It is our job to let go of our ego, forget what others think of us, go for no, hope for yes and share the chiropractic story.  Not everyone is ready to accept the concept. Not everyone will get it….but SOMEONE will and to that person it means the world.”

Coming from one of the largest chiropractic families in the world, Gil finally realized as a teenager that this type of upbringing wasn’t ‘normal’… but it needed to be. This has led him to having an exploding pediatric practice as well as becoming a mentor in the Epic Practice family.


Chiropractic changed my life. After a few short months, my symptoms of chronic sinus & bronchial infections, often severe allergy symptoms were gone! I felt healthy for the first time in my life!  My decision to start my podcast was my desire to educate the masses on Chiropractic, whole foods, meditation and the dangers of Vaccinations.

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Dr. Todd Sinett, a NYC-based chiropractor with his own practice, is the author of 3 Weeks to a Better Back: Solutions for Healing the Structural, Nutritional and Emotional Causes of Back Pain (October 2015), as well as The Truth About Back Pain, his first title. He is also the founder and creator of The BackBridgeTM System, a complementary device that helps users maintain their overall health.

Inspired to develop a new core philosophy to dealing with back pain, Dr. Sinett discovered that the root cause of back pain is not limited to structural issues, nor can it be simply resolved through treatment. He also found that a person’s emotional health and nutrition are equally important to uncover and address the root causes of back pain.

Using his three-pronged approach to evaluating and treating back pain, known as “The Sinett Solution,” Dr. Sinett assesses clients’ pain points, range of movement, and body alignment before providing a treatment program based on three categories: structural (muscles and bones); nutritional (diet); and emotional (daily stress). If one of these elements is distressed, one’s overall health suffers – often manifesting as pain in the back. With his recommended simple lifestyle adjustments that include exercise routines, diet plans, and meditative practices, his patients are able to stop back pain from limiting their ability to actually live life.

In addition to his book, BackBridge, and practice, Dr. Sinett is a recognized authority for his expertise in applied kinesiology; has served as a clinical expert for many television programs, including “The View,” “FoxMD,” and “Good Day New York;” and has been a featured lecturer at MSNBC and The Learning Annex.

A native of Merrick, Long Island, Dr. Sinett is an active member of the New York Chiropractic Association, the American Chiropractic Association, and the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He has also been named a Top Chiropractor in the Guide to America by the Consumers Research Council of America. Dr. Sinett received his undergraduate degree from American University and graduated with honors from the New York Chiropractic College. He received his certification in Meridian Therapy (acupressure) from the New York Chiropractic College and is a Certified Fitness Trainer.

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Clear & Connected 
A documentary on why chiropractic is essential to the advancement of human potential.
Produced and Directed by Chiropractors Michael B. Dibley and Jonathan Verderame, this film explores the true nature of chiropractic by interviewing the most brilliant minds in chiropractic from around the world, to find out why chiropractic is essential.

Nima Rahmany , DC, CCWP is a “Chiropractor Turned Edutainer” on a mission to teach business executives, entrepreneurs, and teenagers how to dissolve the ROOT CAUSE of stress.

He is the creator of a breakthrough new tool called “The Overview MethodTM where participants are taken through an exercise that clears emotional baggage and resentment that holds them back from moving to new levels in business, health, and family relationships.

Liz (Lizette Botha) and Loz (Lauren Steinfort) are two chiropractors who live and breath chiropractic, practicing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our journey together began two and half years ago, when we became housemates, and soon after work colleagues. We had many “assumed stupid questions” that we would like answered. As a result, our podcast “JustTIC Chiropractic” was birthed in April 2014. Since then we have interviewed over 40 different speakers worldwide and currently have 39 podcasts released via iTunes and Stitcher.


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They call me Dr. B, or Head Hippie, and I'm living my purpose serving others through chiropractic. I've created a Vitalistic, crunchy space to serve where see kids, animals, and old hippies.. 
After graduating from Parker U in April 2013, I was screwed over as an Independent Contractor by a doc in Alaska - but totally grateful for that journey because I was able to unlearn everything school taught me about passing a test - and find my purpose, my life's mission for serving folks in a non-traditional, no muscle man on the wall, no shoes allowed environment!

About Jesse Elder

Business coaching is a $9B industry... but unfortunately even the most skilled coaches don't earn enough income to be considered wealthy - or even affluent. I struggled in my own coaching business for years until I stumbled upon a collection of secrets that exploded my business but more importantly let me continue to look my clients in the eye each session with a clear conscience. I went from struggling to pay bills to a $3,000,000+ operation... while enjoying 150 days a year NOT WORKING. I'm now happily sharing the good news that these secrets bring alongside the group of uniquely successful individuals I'm privileged to call my clients, friends and fellow freedom-seeking entrepreneurs. My life revolves around connecting with people who care about four things: doing the BEST WORK they are capable of, making a DIFFERENCE, having insane amounts of FUN and making the right amount of MONEY to do all the other three things properly. Most of the time I live in San Antonio, where I love playing piano (especially on Sunday mornings), making the case for Abundance and barefoot sprinting at the end of a nice run. Best place to connect with me right now is on Facebook.

Dr. Scott Vatcher cmcc graduate and Aussie Dr. Trent Headlam Teamed up in early 2014 the duo moved into a brand new facility in the northern gold coast tripling the practise within 12 months into one of the busiest family Practises in Australia, created an entire wellness movement and program known as Epic Healthstyle which is about to be rolled out into clinics Australia wide in the next 12 months. These docs are so passionate about raising chiropractic to the next level in March 2015 they created the RAW Chiropractic seminar. A grassroots non holds barred event for chiropractors to get Raw on stage and speak the truth. Rumours have it that RAW 2016 will be the largest chiropractic seminar in the southern hemisphere. 

Dr Martin Harvey is inspired by the potential that chiropractic care has to transform the health of our communities. He is the immediate Past President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, is a sought after speaker and leads a multi-doctor family practice in Melbourne, Australia. He trains chiropractors on impactful and ethical communication strategies based on the influence literature through his “Insideout” workshops.

Martin was awarded the Chiropractors Association of Australia (Vic) “Chiropractor of the Year” Award for 2012, Parker Seminars “2010 International Chiropractor of the Year”, and was honored as an inaugural Member of the Australasian College of Chiropractors.

This TCP/UNC podcast episode gets real with Matt Trainer of WUKAR fame. 

Matt is a master of SEO and copy writing. Check out the discussion as we delve into: 

1. Is profanity unprofessional in business...and how can your REALNESS, in fact, grow your following. 

2. What Matt likes and finds is the most effective marketing strategies that get the greatest return. 

3. Why you should be list starting now!

4. How to get people to open your emails. 


Dr. Kats was voted doctor of the Year by the ACA.  He has owned 19 clinics including one of the biggest clinics in the nation seeing 130 new patients a month and 130-200 patient visits a day.  He also owned the largest chiropractic management group in the nation and now owns Kats Consultants a chiropractic management company

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Jay is currently in practice with his wife in Longmont, Colorado.  He is a former pessimistic nuclear engineer turned optimistic entrepreneurial father. When not in practice he works as an Authenticity Coach at Full Circle Coaching with Dr Tom Preston. Last year, he published his first book: Love, Not Guns: A Case For Changing the Focus of America's Gun Debate

Ross Jeffries is a master practitioner and trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming, a master hypnotist, and a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor.
For the past 25 years, he has mentored over 100,000 men in their journey to find their inner confidence to successfully meet and date the women they truly desire.
Ross has appeared on over 500 radio shows, podcasts and TV programs.  He has been the subject of multiple documentaries, was featured as the mentor to Neil Strauss in the best selling book, "The Game", and was the basis for Tom Cruise's character "Frank TJ Mackey" in the movie, "Magnolia".
To book Ross as a guest to speak on your podcast, program or to your company, go to
To get one of Ross' great free programs on confidence and success with women, go to:

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Dr. Brett Jones is a creator and innovator dedicated to connecting the sick, lost, and dis-connected back to their inherent power.

Following a tragic death of his older brother in 1999, Dr. Jones was left in a desperate spiral of dis-connection. There was dis-connection within his family, within his religion, and within himself. After years of blindly searching for something to help re-connect him to his divinity, Dr. Jones finally discovered what chiropractors call "the major premise" - a universal intelligence is in all matter and continuously gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. Chiropractic philosophy continues to deduct that this Universal Intelligence resides within as our Innate Intelligence. Therefor, we are PART OF THE UNIVERSE, not separate from!

Once Dr. Jones got the big idea, he knew that it was his duty to share it with as many people as possible. As the founder of The Source Chiropractic, Adjusting Ninjas, and Innateness Coaching/Mentoring, Dr. Jones is utilizing his services and various social media outlets to get this message to the world.

Although he has been met with an abundance of adversity and challenges, Dr. Jones is a testament that hard work and perseverance will pay off.

As a student, Dr. Jones hosted a youtube channel that received nearly 100,000 views before he graduated. Dr. Brett Jones was also recently interviewed on KBCW’s show “Black Renaissance” where he got a chance to share how chiropractic can benefit the Bay Area community. He is extremely passionate about making an impact and connecting with his Oakland community through programs such as Leadership Oakland, Oakland Chamber of Commerce, and BUILD-an entrepreneurship program geared to excite and inspire disengaged, low-income high school students. He connects genuinely as a partner in the health and well being of the people he serves.

California, U.S.A., June 1, 2015

A compelling public speaker, Dr. Richardson regularly addresses audiences looking to get on top, stay on top, or break new barriers toward exceptional personal achievement. In a recent interview, Dr. JRich said, “I have always liked to write and have wanted to write a series of books long before I became a psychologist.” His first title, “It’s all B.S.! We’re All Wrong, and You’re All Right!” explores our respective belief systems (the “B.S.” in the book title) in a very approachable fashion and causes the readers to ask questions of themselves that help them unlock hidden potential and move past what often holds us back in our personal and professional lives.

"Challenge Your Perception, Change Your Results." ~ @RealDrJRich 

Moments are what we aim for—being crowned champion, accepting the diploma, watching your child take his or her first steps. Indelible time stamps in our minds, and fleeting just the same. The moment there’s a slight shift in perspective or a nudge in a particular direction is all it takes to experience exponential gains down the road.  And it really does just take moments!

About the Author As a World Champion and Pan Am Games Gold Medalist BMX racer, Dr. Jason Richardson always looked beyond the track to build advantages that would carry him through life. Throughout his racing career, Richardson set his eyes on several finish lines, earning a BA in Philosophy in 1997, an MBA in 2000, and his Doctorate in Psychology in 2010, while maintaining an ambitious racing schedule during most of his academic pursuits. In 2010, “JRich” became known as “Dr. JRich” to clients, friends, and past competitors. His unique blend of education and professional experience sets the table for a business that plays an important role in the lives of patients, clients in the corporate world, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the athletic field of play.

#ItsALLBSbook is available as an e-book and paperback, distributed widely through retail outlets such as: iTunes/iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play, among others.

By the age 28, Dr. CJ Mertz had already built his own Waiting List Practice. Serving a thousand patient’s visits per week, Dr. Mertz devised the most power and complete practice strategy ever known. His cash-like system was both affordable for patients and highly profitable. Dr. CJ’s patient education and communication systems inspired his patients to continue beyond corrective care plans, into proactive wellness care. Through an outpouring of peer requests worldwide, Dr. CJ Mertz founded Full Potential Leadership chiropractic training.

Since 1984 he has traveled almost four million miles, teaching more than 700 seminars, trained with nearly 16,000 chiropractors while visiting over 3600 private practices all over the globe. Through the award winning XLR8TM Coaching, FPL has successfully built more practices serving greater than 400 patients per week profitably, than any other coaching program in history. Recently CJ has launched the Olympian Results Academy and Coach’s Corner Blog for Chiropractic to assist in leading offices to reach to new heights.

Dr. Mertz is continually studying and researching the profession in the key areas that lead to new practice breakthroughs. “Now that these coaching tools are developed, trouble shooting to serve more people in your community has become a science for XLR8 clients around the world to reach their full potential.” 

His Purpose:

CJ’s continues his commitment to constant and never ending improvement for the coaching industry with one goal…to teach chiropractic teams how to serve more people and change their communities health perspective to one of Optimal Health through an optimally functioning nervous system.

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By the age 28, Dr. CJ Mertz had already built his own Waiting List Practice. Serving a thousand patient’s visits per week, Dr. Mertz devised the most power and complete practice strategy ever known. His cash-like system was both affordable for patients and highly profitable. Dr. CJ’s patient education and communication systems inspired his patients to continue beyond corrective care plans, into proactive wellness care. Through an outpouring of peer requests worldwide, Dr. CJ Mertz founded Full Potential Leadership chiropractic training.

Since 1984 he has traveled almost four million miles, teaching more than 700 seminars, trained with nearly 16,000 chiropractors while visiting over 3600 private practices all over the globe. Through the award winning XLR8TM Coaching, FPL has successfully built more practices serving greater than 400 patients per week profitably, than any other coaching program in history. Recently CJ has launched the Olympian Results Academy and Coach’s Corner Blog for Chiropractic to assist in leading offices to reach to new heights.

Dr. Mertz is continually studying and researching the profession in the key areas that lead to new practice breakthroughs. “Now that these coaching tools are developed, trouble shooting to serve more people in your community has become a science for XLR8 clients around the world to reach their full potential.” 

His Purpose:

CJ’s continues his commitment to constant and never ending improvement for the coaching industry with one goal…to teach chiropractic teams how to serve more people and change their communities health perspective to one of Optimal Health through an optimally functioning nervous system.

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Creator of The Perfect Storm and Partner of Epic Pediatrics 
In addition to his work in those two areas, Dr. Tony runs a 7-figure (all cash), 60% plus pediatric practice in Crystal Lake, Illinois. His practice serves kids and families with everything from ear infections to wellness care, with a special emphasis on spectrum and sensory-based disorders. He has extensive education, experience, and passion in these areas, and has a large family practice in Crystal Lake serving this population, as well as general family wellness. He holds post-doctorate certifications in pediatrics and wellness, and also has hundreds of hours of continuing education and training in the areas of autism, ADHD, sensory challenges, seizures, neuro-immunology, and other pediatric topics. His practice focuses on ensuring each child has a healthy, optimally functioning nervous system that is supported by the foundations of eating, moving, and thinking well. 


Mark Sisson is the author of a #1 best-selling health book on, The Primal Blueprint, as well as The Primal Blueprint Cookbook and the top-rated health and fitness blog He is also the founder of Primal Nutrition, Inc., a company devoted to health education and designing state-of-the-art supplements that address the challenges of living in the modern world. 

Having grown up on asthma puffers, antibiotics, and anti-histamines, Dr. Freddie So, is a walking (and now running) Chiropractic testimonial. A proud husband and father, he now is a 11-time Boston Marathoner and Ironman Triathlete and has committed his life to sharing the ChiropracTIC principle to his community and the world.


Dr. Jay Warren has dedicated his career to helping people live happy and healthy lives.

Born and raised in Southern California, he got his undergraduate degree in Biology from UC San Diego before attending Life Chiropractic College West and graduating Summa Cum Laude in March 2000.

In his first year as a chiropractor, Dr. Jay helped run a busy, bilingual clinic in Costa Rica, which grounded him in his family wellness oriented style of practice. 

He returned to San Diego, CA where he just celebrated his 15th year of practice. Dr. Jay has served as a health & wellness advisor and writer for numerous health-oriented websites. He has written and produced his own series of audio guided visualizations called “Healing from Within” and has also authored the “Being Well Lifestyle Program” which is a comprehensive, self-guided healthy lifestyle makeover program.

Dr. Jay continues to work with infants, children and parents on a daily basis - and in his newest venture, has helped open one of San Diego’s most comprehensive prenatal wellness centers, the Cap Wellness Center, where he serves as the chiropractor as well as the Wellness Care Coordinator. 

He also likes to enjoy an active lifestyle as a surfer, a yogi and a volleyball player - although he’s becoming more of a runner now that his son, Niko, is almost 2!

Resources & Links

Healthy Births, Happy Babies



Yamila Cruz-Martinez recently graduated from Life University.  She just began (1 week ago) serving as a Chiropractor in Denver. 

As a student she was always involved in the profession trying to communicate the message and giving back to Chiropractic. She was part of the Full Spine and Thompson clubs, wrote on the school newspaper, was a Student Ambassador and in 2014 won the 2nd international Talk the Tic-Spanish edition.  She is also certified in Thompson Technique, and taking the Animal Chiropractic Modules. 

As a Spanish native speaker (she is from the beautiful island-Puerto Rico) she is always looking for resources and information in Spanish, including Podcast, finding out that unfortunately there is no much information about Chiropractic and that there was no Spanish Chiropractic podcast. 

She was inspire by TCP and her boyfriend to begin the 1st Spanish Chiropractic podcast, having not only DC’s and  chiropractic students as her guests but also other professionals who can help our colleagues build their practice like lawyers, CPA, publicist among others. 

Her goal is to follow her inspiration in podcast steps and be as big as TCP, trying to serve the community and get the Chiropractic message and care to more than the 3%…to a 100% of the population…including animals.

Resources & Links

Recently honored with the Quilly award as a Best Selling Author for his role in Transform with Brian Tracy, Dr. Andreas Boettcher teaches today’s Chiropractors how to AMPLIFY their Practice, Income and Freedom. 

He is the host of the Amplify Your Talk Podcast and creator of popular programs like: AMPLIFY Your Talk – Secrets to Mass Persuasion and Diagnostic Selling – One on One Selling Made Simple and Effective, even if you hate selling.                                                                                                                                                                              

 “Dr. Andreas Boettcher is one of the finest Speakers and Trainers in America today!”

Brian Tracy - Best Selling Author and World Renown Keynote Speaker

“Dr. Andreas Boettcher is an inspirational figure to me and to countless others.Whether one-on-one or from the big stage, He is one of the very best at his craft. I highly recommend him.”


Clint McKinley - VP, Field Marketing & Training at Shaklee Corporation

“Dr. Andreas has a knack for developing leaders. Whether you’re sitting in an audience of 50 or 5000 he makes you feel like he’s talking to you directly. From the moment he walked to the stage he captivated the audience by his charisma, and inspired the audience to be better and make resolutions that could have immediate impacts on their lives and business.”

Arnauld Nakaha, Director of Sales for Beachbody - Creators of P90x and Insanity

Dr. Andreas Boettcher started his practice with his love for chiropractic, a portable table and a room he rented in his local community center. He quickly transformed his passion into a thriving practice that grew over 6 figures annually year after year. Culminating into building his dream 6400 square foot multi-disciplinary wellness center in less than 4 years.

In addition to Dr. Andreas’ own business success and top Sales Awards; his trainings, talks, products and services have collectively generated well over $20,000,000 in gross sales and counting. His passion is helping doctors amplify their influence, impact and income doing what they love around the lifestyle they want!

Resources & Links


Dr. Rion Zimmerman

More than preventive medicine, Dr. Rion Zimmerman believes in proactive medicine. Whether in his thriving practice or his many opportunities for health advocacy as a speaker, he is a powerful motivator that inspires personal responsibility and results-oriented action.

As a sought-after teacher of wellness for companies and organizations throughout the Los Angeles community, Dr. Rion shares his powerful belief and proven philosophy that our best bodies come from better movement, better food, and better thinking, not more drugs and doctors. More than just helping people feel good, this approach has delivered real world productivity improvements for individuals and companies, alike.

This compelling approach brought him to the attention of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team as well as the US Woman's National Soccer Team. As one of the team physicians, he helps players stay in peak condition. Whether he's working with doctors, corporate employees or world-class athletes, he brings the same contagious enthusiasm grounded in tested science.

Dr. Michael Shahbazian

Dr. Michael Shahbazian is a man with a mission, and it’s a big one — to help people lead healthier, happier lives. For him, this starts by providing the hands-on care and guidance that accelerate healing and encourage a healthy lifestyle. He believes that when people feel better, they live better.

In his state-of-the-art chiropractic practice, Dr. Shahbazian takes a whole body approach, looking at neuromusculoskeletal, nutrition, and general wellness care. By understanding the underlying causes of pain or discomfort, he helps patients from all walks of life improve body function and their lifestyle. Through his work at Flintridge Family Chiropractic and time spent volunteering with Hands of Healing, the AIDS Lifecylce Ride, A Being Alive, the Venice Family Clinic, the Long Beach Substance Abuse Foundation, and the Pasadena Rugby Football Club, he has helped thousands of people reach their optimal health potential. The powerful, personal impact he has every day makes him one of the few people who can say they are truly living their dream!

Dr. Shahbazian has an undergraduate degree in Biology from California State University Northridge and earned his doctorate of chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences. He is also a sought after speaker that provides workshops for companies throughout Southern California.

Dr. Kelley Pendleton is a chiropractor, healthcare marketing consultant, professional speaker, and the author of Community Connections! Relationship Marketing for Healthcare Professionals. She’s committed to using her experience and expertise to help other healthcare professionals build the practices – and lives – of their dreams.

Dr. Lee Wood grew up in northern New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles in 1975. He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC) in 1978 and practiced in the Los Angeles-metro area for two years. In 1980, Dr. Wood opened La Costa Chiropractic in Carlsbad, Calif. He owned, operated and directed this high volume, extremely profitable and multiple-doctor clinic for 26 years. Presently a veteran consultant and international speaker—and previously employed by The Masters Circle and Ultimate Practice Systems—Dr. Wood now is the CEO and founder of One-On-One Chiropractic Coaching. He works with hundreds of chiropractors worldwide on new patient attraction, practice management, prosperity consciousness, communication skills and personal growth. As a passionate, enthusiastic speaker and coach—with unmatched integrity, work ethic and ability to raise the bar—Dr. Wood helps support practitioners to achieve the practice and lifestyle of their dreams.

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Dr. Peter Levy is a chiropractor who spent from 1980 until 1991 studying and using any and all of the soft tissue techniques and therapies he could find in his search for speedy and thorough results for soft tissue injuries. As he is quick to say, “I’m certain there is a place for ultra sound, interferential current and muscle stim etc., but I can unequivocally state that I can do more with my hands in a shorter time than with almost any piece of equipment or other technique.” 

Dr. Levy ran a successful practice in Santa Barbara for 11 years until he saw an advertisement for a seminar given by Dr. Gary Glum, D.C., the developer of Neuromuscular ReeducationSM. He took the four-day intensive seminar for $2500.00 and never looked back. 

Once he had mastered the technique he sent out a letter to his entire patient base, which said: 

“…for those of you who thought I was a good, effective practitioner to start with I have something better. To those of you who felt I was average and didn’t quite handle all of your musculoskeletal problems and for those of you who just didn’t like my work/results I have a challenge/offer: Come in and let’s discuss your problem. We’ll mutually agree on a given number of visits. If, by the end of those visits, you (not me) don’t think you are enough improved to make it worth your while to be coming in…the treatment is free…on me…no charge…zip…nada…nothing.” 

Who do you think could refuse an offer/challenge like that? 43 inactive patients responded within 2 weeks. A total of 118 people responded to his letter/challenge over the next 90 days. Only 3 people out of all those people who responded told him the treatment hadn’t made a difference in any way (he says he could have predicted those three with a moment’s thought…and it wouldn’t have mattered if 20 people didn’t pay.) His practice was transformed overnight !!! 

The bottom line was that he had a wealth of new patients paying cash (he would give them super-bills for their insurance…but he ran a cash-only practice). He had an entirely new referral-based, “waiting-list” practice and had a confidence that was unshakable based on knowledge, results and satisfied patients. Dr. Levy also developed an entirely new type of clientele; highly-competitive professional athletes, who needed effective and speedy results. 

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Glum, intent on retiring from active practice, was so impressed with Dr. Levy’s skills that he hand picked him to carry on the teaching of Neuromuscular ReeducationSM. 

Dr. Levy opened a second practice based in Los Angeles from scratch. Within a year he had generated over $200,000 working three days a week with one assistant and no advertising as a cash-only practice. 

His assistant would work on a specific area for 15 minutes and then send the patient in to Dr. Levy for 15 minutes of additional Neuromuscular ReeducationSM and rehabilitative exercises. People were paying $100.00 for 30 minutes of effective treatment and Dr. Levy and his assistant were seeing 4 people an hour. 

Not only were patients lined up waiting to get worked on, but also the “word of mouth” referral system worked for the first time --- in a big way. He stopped scheduling patients after the original series of treatments and they would almost invariably call back and schedule for other parts of their body, other members of their family and/or friends. 

He closed the Los Angeles office after the birth of his daughter and returned to Santa Barbara full-time. After he moved to a home-office arrangement in 1995 he worked without an assistant and was still charging $100.00 for 15 minutes based on results: "You don't feel improved, you don't pay!" was his guideline and not too many people left without paying. He gave up scheduling patients and let them handle it by filling out their own appointments in his book. It was a clean cash practice…and when patients wanted him to deal with their insurance companies he charged the patient $250.00 an hour, in advance! 

That's right! $250.00 an hour…not too many people would pay that! But they wanted the results. They started to fill out the forms themselves and used a super bill that Doctor Levy gave them stapled to their own treatment notes that they had filled out on each visit. Paper work was reduced drastically, cash flow improved dramatically and the pleasure was back in his practice. He has been teaching Neuromuscular ReeducationSM seminars for the last 17 years to small groups of highly motivated doctors, physical and massage therapists and team trainers. He also works with individual practitioners and their support staff in their clinics. 

Dr Peter J. Levy is the only approved instructor for Neuromuscular ReeducationSM Seminars in the Health Science Post-Graduate Education Department of the University of Bridgeport for Continuing Education Credits.

Dr. Levy lives in Santa Barbara with his three beautiful daughters and yes, those are twins!

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·      Owner of one of the largest retention chiropractic clinics in the US since 1999

·      President of ChiroMission, the largest

·      "Chiropractic Humanitarian Organization in the World"

·      Team USA Wrestling/Judo Chiropractor

·      In London 2012 Olympics/USA World Team

·      Leader in Maximized Living

Parker Seminar speaker


Dr. Tabor Smith is a chiropractor with a thriving practice in Houston TX.  His practice members not only receive top-notch chiropractic care, they also receive a unique and very valuable education in spinal hygiene.  After graduating, Dr. Smith was fortunate enough to practice in one of the largest chiropractic offices in the state of Texas, where he treated thousands of patients and developed the life changing lessons that he teaches today.

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Carl Honoré is an award-winning journalist, author and TED speaker. He is also a globetrotting ambassador for the Slow Movement. The Wall Street Journal called him “an in-demand spokesman on slowness.”

After working with street children in Brazil, he covered Europe and South America for publications ranging from the Economist and Observer to the Miami Herald, Time and National Post (Canada).

His first book, In Praise of Slow, examines our compulsion to hurry and chronicles a global trend toward putting on the brakes. The Financial Times said it is “to the Slow Movement what Das Kapital is to communism.” His second book, Under Pressure, was hailed by Time as the “gospel of the Slow Parenting movement.”

Translated into more than 30 languages, his books have landed on bestseller lists in many countries. In Praise of Slow was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week and the inaugural choice for the new Huffington Post Book Club. It also featured in a British TV sitcom, Argentina’s version of Big Brother and a Motorola tablet advertisement. Under Pressure was a finalist for the Writers’ Trust Award, the top prize for non-fiction in Canada.

Published in 2013, Carl’s latest book is called The Slow Fix. It explores how to solve problems in every walk of life, from business and politics to health and relationships, without falling for short-term, superficial quick fixes.

On top of writing, blogging, tweeting and giving media interviews about the Slow Movement, Carl rushes (slowly, of course) around the world to deliver speeches and workshops. His TED talk has been viewed over a million times.

Carl has been described as:

“The global guru on the Slow Movement.” Globe and Mail

“The unofficial godfather of a growing cultural shift toward slowing down.” Huffington Post

“Inarguably the world’s leading evangelist for what has become known as the Slow Movement.” The Sunday Edition (CBC)

“The godfather of the Slow Movement.” ABC TV News

“An international spokesman for the concept of leisure.” Newsweek

“An in-demand spokesman on slowness.” The Wall Street Journal

Carl lives in London with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he plays lots of sports, including football (soccer) and squash. He also plays ball-hockey for the London Jets.

 Resources & Links

Dr. Jay S. Greenstein is a Maryland native. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National College of Chiropractic, and earned his post-graduate degree in Sports Chiropractic at the Logan College of Chiropractic. In addition to maintaining his private practice as CEO of Sport and Spine Rehab and Sport and Spine Athletics, he is the founder and President of the Sport and Spine Rehab Clinical Research Foundation. Dr. Greenstein is also the founder and CEO of Kaizenovation® Consulting, a leading-edge firm to help doctors and a wide variety of companies to improve their organizational performance. Kaizenovation® Consulting coaches businesses on Six Sigma, human capital management and the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS).

Dr. Greenstein served as a recommended provider for the National Football League Players Association for the Washington Redskins, and since 1997, has been the Official Team Chiropractor for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. Dr. Greenstein served as the Chiropractic Representative for the National Athletic Training Association, Inter-Association Task Force for Cervical Spine Injured Athletes, and the Maryland State Tae Kwon Do Association Medical Chairperson and team physician. Dr. Greenstein was selected to be the Chef de Mission for the International Sports Chiropractic Association to run the Chiropractic Sports Center at the World Olympians Association Reunion Center at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

He has served as the past Insurance Chairman and Public Relations Chairman for the Unified VCA and past Insurance Chairman for the Maryland Chiropractic Association. Dr. Greenstein was selected to represent both state associations on the United Healthcare/OptumHealth Chiropractic Professional Advisory Committee. He was also selected to represent both state associations on the professional advisory for American Specialty Health Network, the third party administrator for specific Aetna and Cigna chiropractic benefit plans. Since 2010, he has served on the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters as the Vice Chairman, and also represents CCGPP on the Chiropractic Summit, where he serves on the Government Relations Committee. The GR committee works on policy issues to ensure chiropractic access with healthcare reform taking place at the state and national level. In 2012, he was selected to the state of Maryland Governor’s Office for Healthcare Reform Essential Benefits Advisory Committee. In 2012, Dr. Greenstein was elected as President of the East Coast Associations Independent Physician Network.

Washingtonian Magazine also named him among Washington’s Top Sports Physicians. Dr. Greenstein has published extensively and presented numerous original research papers at scientific symposiums throughout the world. He was awarded as Chiropractor of the Year in 2007 and 2010 for the Maryland Chiropractic Association and Chiropractor of the Year in 2010 for the Virginia Chiropractic Association.

In 2007, Sport and Spine Rehab was the first multi-location practice in the entire country that was recognized by the National Committee on Quality Assurance’s Back Pain Recognition Program (BPRP). In 2008, SSR practices were the first privately run Performance Health Centers of Excellence in the US. In 2009,, the nation’s largest online patient satisfaction database, named SSR “America’s Most Loved Practices” as the top seven doctors in the country in patient satisfaction. In 2011, SSR was named to the Inc 5000 list as one of the fastest growing private US companies. In 2012, Dr. Greenstein was recognized by SmartCEO Magazine by winning their 2012 Technology Implementer Award. In 2013, he was named a “Top Chiropractor” by Northern Virginia Magazine. Also in 2013, he was named “Person of the Year” by the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP).

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Dr. Rick Markson is a second generation chiropractor with eighteen years of experience in chiropractic practice and chiropractic consulting. He is the founder of Markson Chiropractic, Inc., a high volume, multi-doctor practice in Plantation, Florida. Markson Chiropractic is known throughout Broward County as a leader in the technology of health care, offering the community various techniques and procedures to assist in the care of patients of all ages.

Throughout his tenure in Plantation, Dr. Markson has spoken to hundreds of audiences on chiropractic, natural healing, back safety, injury prevention, children's health, stress, peak performance, and motivation. He was the first chiropractic speaker for the Arthritis Foundation in South Florida on alternative healthcare and has spoken and written for various support groups. He continues to assist patients with living a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Dr. Markson is a past president of the Broward County Chiropractic Society and is a recipient of The Master Circle's most prestigious International Chiropractor of the Year award in 2003. In 2001, he was the Chiropractor of the Month for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. He has been published in various local magazines as well as the largest chiropractic publications in the nation.

Within the past decade, Dr. Markson expanded to three practices and has since sold the two newer practices in order to focus on the founding partnership in The Markson Connection, a chiropractic coaching and seminar company with members throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Dr. Markson's vision continues to help patients and chiropractors live their dream lives.

Jeffrey Slayter is one of the worlds leading social forecasters, International Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Philanthropist, Thought Leader and Social Entrepreneur. He has worked with over 3 million people in 12 different countries and is the global leading thought leader for top executives, CEOs, businesses, and change makers.

Jeffrey Slayter was born in Hawaii, with Hawaiian heritage in his family. He has a natural love for the earth, sea, entrepreneurship, and ancient traditions. He then moved to Silicon Valley California, which is the home of the largest technological companies in the world that includes Apple, Google, Yahoo and eBay. He Grew up in an Entrepenurship house hold.

He also had the privilege to share the stage with other global leaders about business and life including:

Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin)

Tim Ferriss (Author of 4-Hour Work Week)

Frank Kern (Highest paid internet marketer in the world)

Tony Robbins (Top Motivational speaker)

And many more..

He achieved success in multiple industries at age 31 including Real Estate, Global Training, Internet Marketing, and Corporate Consulting. He spends some of his time supporting businesses and people who have passion for making positive differences in the world by showing them how to create financial success; how to promote and position themselves in a market place while still staying true to themselves.

He has exclusive retreats, trainings and is hired by Top Leaders and Ceo’s to support them in closing the Gap between the vision of there business and having it happen.

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Dr. Shawn Powers is dedicated to increasing the quality and the quantity of life and committed to changing the world with chiropracTIC. She is a chiropractic coach known for her ability to ignite purpose, passion and success in others. She is a marathoner, paradigm pioneer, practicing chiropractor, business coach, speaker and author who is committed to being a force for good.  She helps others through the wisdom gained from her personal experiences, challenges and triumphs. 

Recognized by the profession as Chiropractor of the Year, Dr. Shawn Powers is a global presenter at programs helping chiropractors advance and perpetuate the principles and the profession.

Devoted to the advancement of the profession, she founded the Chiropractic Warriors, PowerSource Coaching and multiple family practices.  Dr. Shawn is a member of and has served on the boards of multiple state organizations, including the WCWC, Royal Chiropractic Knights of the Roundtable and is one of the founding members, vice president, and program chair of The League of Chiropractic Women. 

You will find her loving life in Austin, Texas and often on planes trains and automobiles spreading her love for chiropracTIC.

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I have been impacting positively on the lives of thousands as the Executive Director of Spinal Missions.  I focus on collaborating with countless volunteers, handling budgets, establishing objectives and outlining funding proposals. I have made it my mission to help chiropractors enhance, revitalize and apply their skills.

Dr. Rauch has been a high volume, low overhead, subluxation centered chiropractor for 35 years. After many years of successful private practice, in 2009 he sold his office in Stowe, Vermont to focus on bringing chiropractic to underserved communities around the world. He has run and participated in chiropractic mission trips to Russia, Nicaragua, Israel, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Haiti. He has spent the last 5 years establishing chiropractic in the Dominican Republic and is currently opening an office in Torino, Italy. He is also a partner in chiropractic offices in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

In the last few years he has lectured on campus at 11 chiropractic colleges worldwide on topics ranging from “Building a High Volume, Low Overhead Practice From Scratch” to “International Chiropractic Opportunities” to “Living YOUR Dream, Practicing Chiropractic Outside the U.S.”.
Dr. Rauch lives in Stowe, Vermont, is married to his amazing wife Michelle and has a very international family adopting 4 children who are of Chinese, Korean and American decent.

Dr. David Fletcher is an original wellness practitioner. Families, individuals, corporations and audiences around the world listen and learn from Dr. Fletcher about their innate ability to achieve new and exciting ways to express their potential.

Besides being an active community practitioner, Dr. Fletcher owns and runs a technology company that offers leading edge analysis on the effects of stress and lifestyle choices on the nervous system.  

This technology is embraced by chiropractic wellness doctors, professional sport teams and research facilities around the world while being recognized by the Space Foundation as a significant addition to the space program.  

Dr. Fletcher is an unwavering advocate for change towards the wellness lifestyle and is thrilled to be recognized by the Chiropractic Philanthropist as this forum of clear thinkers and social activists pushes the boundaries of human health and potential.


Burak Esendal, MD, DC is a passionate chiropractic pioneer and educator in Turkey. He is the first chiropractor in the history of a Turkish hospital. Since 2010 he has visited more than 25 companies and educated their employees about chiropractic. In 2014, Dr. Esendal started working in a task force to legalize chiropractic in Turkey. Recently he was elected as a member of the scientific chiropractic commission which was created by the Turkish Department of Health.

He met his wonderful wife in Istanbul and has a 2 month old baby boy.

His goal is to teach people in Turkey about chiropractic and provide them natural healthcare.

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Dr. Jason Deitch is the founder of AmpLIFEied. He’s been passionate about sharing the chiropractic message for almost two decades. He’s one of the profession’s most prominent thought leaders and communications strategists working with an exclusive group of the chiropractic profession’s most prominent institutions, organizations, associations and most successful chiropractors.

Dr Brian Kelly is a special leader in chiropractic.

He is the second only president of Life Chiropractic College West in California, USA, succeeding Dr Gerry Clum in 2011, and was the former President of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic from 2002-2011. He is the first non-American to be appointed to a US chiropractic college.

Dr Kelly is a New Zealander who built a successful multi doctor practice in Melbourne, Australia for over a decade, and is a past President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and a Board member for over a decade.

His outstanding contribution has been recognized by his peers and community through his numerous professional awards. In 2006, he was voted the best guest speaker by the students at the Auckland Medical School. His broad and influential presence has inspired hundreds of people to pursue a career in chiropractic. He is the CAA (Vic) 2001 Chiropractor of the Year, the 2007 International Chiropractor of the Year, awarded by Parker Seminars, the 2009 NZ Chiropractor of the Year, and recipient of the 2009 ADAPE Leadership Award for outstanding leadership in private education. In 2014 he was nominated by his peers to be a Fellow of the International Chiropractors Association

Dr. Kelly ran for parliament in 2008 in the New Zealand general election, where he came second in his electorate, and ran a very effective campaign.

During his time at Life West enrolment has grown rapidly and he has introduced many innovative programs. One of these is the WAVE seminar in 2011, which has rapidly become one of the leading seminars in chiropractic, attracting thought leaders to the platform, and an audience of over 1,500 people. Being a kiwi and a keen follower of Rugby, he launched the Life West Gladiators in 2014 which made it to the US National 3D final in their inaugural year.

Dr Kelly speaks throughout the world and is an inspiring advocate of change. In 2013 he spoke in Delhi, India to an audience of over 1 million people.

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Mary Flannery, DC is a chiropractor, an educator, a professional marketer and the creator of The Art of Story Project.

The Art of Story Project offers online classes to professionals who are seeking to improve their ability to communicate by integrating the timeless craft of storytelling. Storytelling touches people’s hearts and minds and allows shift to occur. As an upper cervical patient, Mary is thrilled to apply storytelling to the upper cervical world.

Mary became a chiropractor although she had originally trained for a career in writing, marketing and communication. After practicing in Wisconsin and Iowa, Mary made an unusual choice to serve the profession and her passions by working exclusively in chiropractic college enrollment for the past 10 years. Mary is currently the Dean of Enrollment at Life Chiropractic College West where she has lead the recruitment and outreach team to substantial growth.

Easily the most common source of practice stress and certainly an underlying cause of under-performance...conversely, a team of on-fire, equipped and incentivized CA's will take a practice to heights that a DC cannot reach on his or her own.  


Dr. Stephen Franson is a living, breathing billboard for the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle. Steeped in over fifteen years of clinical practice, Franson’s interface with a vibrant family practice affords him a unique prospective of what works in healthcare – and what doesn’t.   As the owner operator of one of the most robust wellness practices on the planet, his time is spent in the trenches with families that are simply looking for a better way to better health. He is an exceptional clinician, passionate teacher and great student of behavioral science.

Franson was named All-State and All-American Chiropractor by his peers, is a sought-after international Wellness speaker, author and teacher of the Wellness Lifestyle.

A graduate of the University of Vermont (B.S.), Life Chiropractic College (D.C.) and a certified Gonstead Instructor, Dr. Franson has served as an extended faculty member at Life University, Palmer College and Northwestern College of Life Sciences. Franson Family Chiropractic, which Dr. Franson opened in 1997 with his wife, Dr. Camilla Franson, grew to be one of the largest wellness clinics in the world.

Dr. Franson’s vision for wellness extends well beyond the confines of his Beverly, Massachusetts practice. He is a certified CrossFit Trainer and Paleo-Enthusiast. He is the co-creator of The Bonfire Health Program - a web-based Total Wellness Lifestyle Transformation Program, which serves to educate families in genetically congruent living for better health outcomes and more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Franson is the founder of The Remarkable Practice an innovative consulting and coaching company that helps doctors create a Remarkable Practice as part of a Remarkable Life. Franson’s latest venture – The Remarkable Practice Academy, a web-based, video-driven training resource for chiropractors – launched in January of 2014.

Learn the lies and counter-productive beliefs that we are taught that are keeping you from reaching your fullest potential.


Jay Papasan is a self-proclaimed bibliophile with a book-hoarding problem. Not a bad tendency as Gary Keller's co-author and head of KW Publishing.

Spending several years editing at HarperCollins Publishers, Jay came to Keller Williams Realty International in a tech writer capacity. After hearing of a company initiative to break into the business book arena – and a chance encounter with Gary – Jay was recruited to help author The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. They wrote what would become a serial bestseller and an industry must-read in just three months. Since then, Jay's co-authored a number of bestselling titles including No. 1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. Today, when he's not writing or researching the next big book, he's out delivering keynotes and presentations on their bestselling titles.

When it comes to business, Jay says Keller Williams' focus on people is what separates it from the competition. He's come to have a deep appreciation for real estate businesspeople and the industry itself as an incredibly democratic career venture that rewards hard work, strategic thinking and integrity. Being part of a team with an emphasis on delivering great products, training and coaching to help others achieve their goals is what keeps him ticking.

So, what's Jay's ONE Thing? His family … with books as a close second, of course. When he's not on the lookout for dragon eggs with daughter Veronica, or wondering at the Lego creations of his son Gus, he's running a thriving real estate business with his wife Wendy – or enjoying the sights and sounds of Austin with all three.

Dr. Brett Axelrod is founder and director of Elmsford Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center, a family practice in Elmsford, N.Y.  During his twenty years in practice, he has remained active in the community.  He is the past president of the Elmsford Rotary Club, and has lectured extensively to companies such as Ciba Chemical, Hitachi, Avon, Akzo Chemical, Texaco, Crown Plaza Management, and many others.

His lectures have been on topics as diverse as peak performance and Wellness, improvement of ergonomic workstations, stress reduction, injury prevention and improving job productivity.  In addition, he is a certified chiropractic sports physician and has worked extensively with professional athletes, including a position as former team physician for the Westchester Stallions of the United States Basketball League. 

Dr. Axelrod is a Professional Certified Life Coach and co-founder of The Markson Connection, a unique, program carefully hand-crafted for an exclusive “tribe” of synergistic chiropractors seeking to build practices and lives that are truly successful and significant. The “tribal concept” of The Markson Connection focuses on building your Best Practice Ever, Discovering you Authentic Self, and enjoying a life filled with Abundance and Prosperity.

He built a high volume multi-doctor practice that runs like a Swiss watch, earning him recognition as Chiropractor of the Year in 1999. A popular and entertaining speaker, his colorful application of sports metaphors and principles make him an outstanding and productive coach. He has spoken internationally for Parker Seminars, The Masters Circle, and The United Chiropractic Association in London. Dr. Axelrod knows the value of hard work and high standards, and brings passion and exuberance to everything he does, both in his practice and in his interaction with our members.

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Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times bestselling author and modern-day explorer.

During a lifetime of self-employment that included a four-year commitment as a volunteer executive in West Africa, he visited every country in the world (193 in total) before his 35th birthday. Since then he has modeled the proven definition of an entrepreneur: “Someone who will work 24 hours a day for themselves to avoid working one hour a day for someone else.”

Chris’s first book, The Art of Non-Conformity, was translated into more than twenty languages. His second book, The $100 Startup, was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, selling more than 300,000 copies worldwide. His latest book, The Happiness of Pursuit, was published in September 2014 and was also a New York Times bestseller.

Every summer in Portland, Oregon, Chris hosts the World Domination Summit, a gathering of creative, remarkable people with thousands in attendance. Chris is also the founder of Pioneer Nation, Unconventional Guides, the Travel Hacking Cartel, and numerous other projects.

Dr. RJ was playing super league rugby in Canada when a recruiter from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA offered him a scholarship to attend chiropractic school. His older brother was a chiropractor, but RJ didn’t know too much about chiropractic except for getting the occasional adjustment when he was in pain. He left Canada and moved to Davenport to play rugby and attend chiropractic college.

While attending Palmer, Dr. RJ started developing some digestive issues. He thought he was healthy based on how he looked and felt but soon started having more symptoms. He went home to Canada and ended up in the hospital. He was soon diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver.

The medical solution for Dr. RJ was to take multiple medications for the rest of his life, which would leave him unable to have children. Dr. RJ felt that living without the chance of having his own family would ultimately be the end his life. He sunk into a deep depression and thought he’d never find his way out.

Dr. RJ had a friend who asked him a life-changing question while going through his health struggles. The friend asked, “What would you be willing to do to get your life and health back?” Dr. RJ replied, “Anything!” He then went to see a corrective care chiropractor his friend recommended. While under the care of this doctor, he was educated on subluxation and the body’s innate healing power. He also learned that from X-rays one could see what was wrong with a person’s spine and correct it through specific and scientific chiropractic care. This was something he had never learned in school.

The chiropractor took seated X-rays of Dr. RJ to find the true cause of his problems and start correcting his subluxations. Dr. RJ and Dr. Michelle, who had stayed together through his struggles, spent their last months in chiropractic college flying all around the world to specialize in becoming corrective care chiropractors.

By the time Dr. RJ graduated in October 2006, he had lost 75 lbs and no longer had diabetes or cirrhosis. His blood pressure and cholesterol were within normal ranges and he regained his health and life through specific and scientific corrective chiropractic. He knew then he wanted to bring pure chiropractic care to his community and share it with as many people as humanly possible.

Dr. RJ and Dr. Michelle have been married since 2007. They have two young children, Jayda and Justus, both of whom were born at home and adjusted within seconds after birth. They’re both healthy children who have never been to the medical doctor. Dr. RJ’s family is the love of his life and his spare time is spent with them.

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Dr. Patrick Flynn is the founder of “The Wellness Way Clinics”, located across the US.  He is a 1999 Palmer Graduate and started his first clinic in Green Bay Wi where he and his wife and 4 daughters reside and still practice.  Dr. Flynn bases his whole life off of the Chiropractic philosophy !!

Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert," is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results. Chris truly is THE financial advocate for the entrepreneur!

In fact, his average client finds $33,000 per year!

Chris consistently teaches audiences how to do what no other financial advisers can or will - achieve financial prosperity, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE, while spending time doing what they love most!

Zoe’s passion for chiropractic and wellness began in 2010 when she met her partner Joe, since then they have created one of the largest wellness facilities in the UK with chiropractic at the heart.  Based on her own personal experiences and drive to change as many lives as possible, Zoe very quickly left the world of banking behind her, sold her house and car to provide a deposit on their dream practice and has never looked back.  They now manage 14 members of staff, run a 2000 sqft onsite rehab facility and are the first centre in the UK to run 8 Weeks to Wellness.”

Since graduating from the AECC in 2009 Dr. Tilley has quickly become recognised within the profession for his passion and dedication to human wellness.  With his comittment and drive Dr. Tilley had set up his first practice in September 2009 and now five years on owns one of the largest wellness facilities in the UK.   

Following the sudden loss of one of his young clients from a fatal heart attack, Dr. Tilley felt a moral obligation to develop his model of practice by objectively measuring health and holding clients accountable.  This gave birth to Core Wellness Centres, a centre dedicated to changing the way people eat, think, move and function.  By following this model of practice Dr. Tilley is now the face of the life changing programme 8 Weeks to Wellness® UK and has made a  huge impact not only to the health of his community but also the profession.     

Dr Tilley is passionate about being congruent with his message living an innate lifestyle hunting, spearfishing and surfing.

Wesley works with hundreds of youth and adults on a monthly basis moving them from where they are to where they want to be.

Wesley was abandoned at 1 by his father, then at 6 1/2 by my mother. He tried to commit suicide 12 times before his 16th birthday. He was abused in every way possible. He survived and is on a mission to help 25 million more survive.

Wesley Chapman has been an Entrepreneur since the age of 8 years old and was self-sufficient by the age of 16. Wesley started consulting CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies at the age of 19.

Wesley has learned the most important part of being an Entrepreneur is to hold your head up high in your failures and stay humble in your successes.

Wesley is the founder A HUMAN PROJECT, a for-purpose 501c3 with a mission to create a community of empowered youth.

He is also the co-founder of SUPER HUMAN LIFE, a program designed to ensure ultimate understanding of ones true potential.

Wesley’s experiences in life and skills in the entrepreneurial community have prepared him for what is now his greatest life mission; creating a world of hope.

Co-owner of the well-known and CEO of Tactical Marketing & Consulting, Ryan Jaycox is a young entrepreneur getting major attention for his drive, energy, and knowledge of business and advertising.  Jaycox tells it like it is and has a new spin on what works in creating successful companies. 

While using his marketing skills to rapidly expand one of the largest chiropractic clinics in the United States, Jaycox found a passion for watching lives changed by chiropractic care.  His drive to share the transforming power of chiropractic led him to co-host and produce Wellness Matters Radio on 97.1 FM News Talk St. Louis, reaching thousands of people weekly and spreading the message of hope and healing.

ChiroPraise is the natural evolution of this vision of hope.  Successfully launched on an international scale, ChiroPraise teaches doctors to utilize videos to brand themselves and their practices.  With this unique marketing system, Jaycox has made it possible for doctors with little time and small marketing budgets to make MASSIVE impact in their communities.  

Dr. Aura L. Tovar proudly received her Doctorate from Life University in Marietta, GA, December 1997.

She is now practicing in her dream practice, Dynamic Chiropractic Center in Miami, FL which she founded in 2000.  Dr. Tovar specializes in helping people reach their maximum health potential through education and the removal of subluxations.  She is well known in her community due to her outreach programs and seminars to constantly educate families on the benefits of natural chiropractic care. She is the proud of mother of two awesome children. 

She serves on the board of ChiroMission, a not-for-profit organization assisting the less fortunate in this world as Vice President and impacts over 100,000 people on her annual mission-trips, while leading a group of more than 100 volunteers to “give and receive".

She calls herself a “student of life” and while studying human behavior, she quickly realized that her true purpose in life was to ignite the spark in others to live to their full potential.

She has developed the "Get Naked series" to help people around the globe get in touch with their inner core through exercises to help them gain clarity in who they really are, what they really want and how to create a more purposeful life.


Author of 'Getting Things Done'

David Allen is an author, consultant, international lecturer, and Founder of the David Allen Company. He is widely recognized as the world's leading authority on personal and organizational productivity. His thirty years of pioneering research, coaching and education of some of the world's highest-performing professionals, corporations and institutions, has earned him Forbes' recognition as one of the top five executive coaches in the United States, and as one of the "Top 100 thought leaders" by Leadership magazine. Fast Company hailed David Allen "One of the world's most influential thinkers" in the arena of personal productivity, for his outstanding programs and writing on time and stress management, the power of aligned focus and vision, and his groundbreaking methodologies in management and executive peak performance. Time Magazine labeled his first book, Getting Things Done as "the defining self-help business book of the decade."

David Allen is the author of three books; the international bestseller, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity ("GTD" as the method is popularly known), Ready for Anything, and Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life. Getting Things Done has been a perennial business bestseller since it's publication in 2001, and is now published in 28 languages.

Getting Things Done has spawned an international movement of devoted adopters from executives, techies, soldiers, entrepreneurs, university professors, musicians, students and the clergy. It has given rise to a thriving "GTD" industry of web sites, blogs and software applications. Internet searches bring up tens of millions of references. David Allen is a rarity in the Twitter world, as one of the few non-celebrities with over a million followers hanging on his wit and inspiration.

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Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Darryl Thomson completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1989. He has now been serving the health care needs of his community for over 20 years. He is known for his passion for Chiropractic and his caring attitude. He is an avid supporter of a charity called Chiropractors with Compassion, which helps make a difference in underdeveloped areas of the world. His Better Life Chiropractic Clinic is on the cutting edge of technology, leading the way in Corrective Chiropractic Care. Because of this Dr. Thomson has been asked to speak at some of the top Chiropractic seminars across Canada and the U.S. He is also a sought-after mentor and coach for Chiropractors across North America. Dr. Thomson believes that the power that made the body can heal the body and Chiropractic is about helping to release that power to its fullest potential. His ultimate mission is to reach out to the people in his community and help them to live a healthier and better life.

Laurence Tham, Founder of Drive Your Practice and co-host and founder of Australia’s Top Health Podcasts on iTunes called “The Wellness Guys Show”. The Wellness Guys Show reached #1 in Australia in less than 16 weeks and reached the Top 30 in health podcasts in USA since it started in 2011.

In addition to The Wellness Guys podcast, he is also one of the Co-Founder of The Wellness Couch which authors over 9 top health podcasts broadcasting around the world including his very own “Inside the Champion’s Mind” which focus on helping people overcome mediocrity in the pursuit of being World Class.

He has recently started a podcast called “My Practice Rules” with Dr. Jamie Richards (Life by Design)... a podcasts specifically for Chiropractors by Chiropractors. This podcast show is raising the charts in the iTunes business sections in Australia and Canada after less than 10 episodes. My Practice Rules focuses on ChiropracTIC while keeping it fresh and up to date in modern times in respect to marketing, education, and deliver.

As the founder of Drive Your Practice where he mentors and coaches chiropractors with his unique ability to simplify concepts and accelerate practice growth. He has clients in Canada, UK, NZ and Australia and runs a mastermind group of elite chiropractors called “NITRO”.

John Gray is the leading relationship expert in the world and best-selling author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” Gray’s books have sold over 50 million copies in50 different languages around the world. In his book “Work With Me: The 8 Blind Spots between Men and Women in Business” he teaches us how achieve a more comfortable and productive work environment. John’s new book “Staying Focused in a Hyper World: Natural Solutions for ADHD, Memory and Brain Performance” provides practical strategies for improving relationships at all ages and stages of life. Through his highly acclaimed books, videos and transformational seminars, John’s purpose is to create a world where men and women understand, respect, appreciate and ultimately work together. Liongsate/Summit Entertainment has purchased the rights to Gray’s bestseller “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” with the intention of creating a feature film and TV series. Star Reese Witherspoon and commercial directing whiz Bryan Buckley joined the project with an anticipated release date of 2015. Gray has appeared on “Dr. Oz”,” Suzanne Somers,” “Oprah,” “The Today Show,” “CBS Morning Show,” “Good Morning America,” “The Early Show,” “The View,” “The Couch,” “Fox & Friends Weekend,” “Good Morning New York,” CNN, “Politically Incorrect,” “Larry King” and others. He has been profiled in Newsweek, Time Magazine, Forbes, USA Today, TV Guide and People, among scores of other major programs. @marsvenus

Dr. Lerner suffered from debilitating joint pain and developed a bleeding ulcer as a side effect of prescription anti-inflammatories. The fact that he could no longer take the medications led him to a chiropractor who changed his life.

In 1994, Dr. Lerner opened his first clinic in Kissimmee, FL. Within a year, the clinic was adjusting 1,000 patients a week and he had already opened two additional clinics. Dr. Lerner’s upward trend continued, and he eventually owned five clinics that cared for up to 14,000 patients a month. In 1995, he was named the first official chiropractor for the USA Wrestling World Team, and he traveled with USAW to the Atlanta and Sidney Olympic Games, as well as eight world championships. In 2000, he was even named the chiropractor for the NBA’s Orlando Magic under coach Doc Rivers.

Dr. Fred Graduated from LACC in 1987.  He quickly found the philosophy of chiropractic after school and elevated his life purpose to help as many people as possible understand and live this philosophy and life style. 

    Since chiropractic principle is truth, he believes spinal correction was the highest, most powerful application of the principle.  He believes subluxated, diseased people can become corrected, healthy and live the principle of an optimal spine/optimal health lifestyle. He endeavored to become his best with spinal correction and an inspirational leader with powerful communication, team and practice building skills to reach his vision and calling on a global scale in this life.  In 14 years of practice he had 4 spinal corrective practice that were CBP based in 3 states seeing an average of 550 – over 700 a week that were created from their inception.

  Dr. Fred began working with Pettibon in 2002, became an instructor and in 2008 began a close, united relationship with CBP attending over 100 hours a year of technique seminars becoming the most qualified coach for spinal corrective practices.  He coupled his technique expertise with high level business training and 18 years of professional communication training into 5 powerful pillars that creates highly successful corrective care practices.  The most predominant communication systems are NLP and Life Coaching, similar to the most effective and sought after business coaches in the world today.   

     Dr. Fred’s application of the communication systems, the most effective, researched and advanced spinal correction technique, CBP and tools to help you build a powerful spinal corrective “Culture” in your practice makes Elite Coaching a new model for a new world building the highest value for your care while creating the highest amount of lifelong, committed and inspired relationships with your patients in the profession today. 

Dr. Jen Faber, DC, author of The House Call Chiropractor, broke away from burnout and frustration in the early years of her career to build a house call practice that gave her more face-time with patients while reducing the overhead of a traditional office to care for patients in the comfort of their home or office.

Dr. Jen has treated Hollywood producers and Broadway stars as well as the Lady Gaga Tour, Washington Ballet, MSNBC, The Washington Post, Motley Fool, and National Geographic. She has been featured in Chiropractic Economics, DC Practice Insights, and Palmer Insights for her experience on building a house call practice, as well as the Washingtonian, Modern Luxury Magazine, and Washington Life Magazine for her innovative approach to wellness.

Dr. Jen received her B.S. in Kinesiology and Social Psychology at the University of Wisconsin and her D.C. at Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2006.

"When I discovered it, I became a Doctor of Chiropractic right then and there. Instantly I had found my calling". From that point everything pushed Otto to Davenport, Iowa and Palmer College of Chiropractic. 

"I packed up my bags and drove at 3am with a friend who was also going to Palmer. Driving into the night was a rather symbolic trip for me. I really had NO idea of what I was getting into, or what Chiropractic was, but I knew I had to BE this!" Dr. Janke graduated with a B.S. and honors in research in 1992 and was immediately recruited to practice in Delaware with a company that had 50 clinics. "I learned much then. I learned how I never wanted to practice mostly" he states. "I also had an article written about me and the care we were giving to HIV + peoples and the great results Chiropractic has with them. I also had a letter to the editor stating that I should have my license revoked because of it".

In 1996 Dr. Janke moved to his hometown of Cortland, NY in upstate New York, just south of Syracuse. 

"I had always dreamed of helping my friends and family be healthier. I just followed through on my dream" he says. In 2013 Dr. Janke wrote his first book "You Were Born to be Healthy", which can be found on "Ever had something inside that you knew HAD to come out? Me too. For me, it was this book."

Dr. Janke has sent almost a dozen students to Chiropractic colleges through his 15 week internship he has at his office, Janke Family Chiropractic. Along with mentoring other DCs with marketing, promotion, and practice, Dr. Janke speaks to many groups, organizations, and schools on Chiropractic, health, and longevity. "I love seeing the huge light bulb go off in a crowd when they realize how healthy they actually can be" Janke states emphatically. Dr. Janke was awarded the Beacon award by the New York Chiropractic Council in 2013. This award is the Council's "Chiropractor of the Year" award. Dr. Janke distinguished himself with spearheading the "Chiropractic Health Month" each September with a multiple point marketing and advertising program for all DCs.

Arno Burnier, D.C. is one of the most powerful and charismatic speakers on the lecture circuit today. He is a renowned national and international lecturer on Health, Healing, Wellness, and Chiropractic. As a graduation speaker for chiropractic colleges and regular lecturer within chiropractic forums and the public, he has transformed thousands of lives with his message. His penetrating and powerful style, combined with heart, experience, insight, and simplicity, inspires audiences worldwide and shifts them on impact. He will reach into your mind, heart, and soul; no one will walk away untouched.

•   Chosen as one of the best Chiropractors in the United States by SELF Magazines

•   Founder of Master Piece Seminars, MLS Adjusting Seminars, Cafe of Life and Zeechi

•   20 years of highly successful wellness practice

•   Creator of the "ABC Conference" on subluxation at birth

•   Author and producer of "Children & Chiropractic" DVD

•   Extended faculty of LCCW & SCC


Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. She founded her own business, Blooming Grove, Soul Language‘s parent company, in 2004 in response to her intuitive senses and ability to help others feel better about themselves both holistically and naturally, working closely with them to generate a feeling of strength and well-being.

She specializes in helping people connect – to themselves, to each other, and to the Divine. She founded a new paradigm, Soul Language, which provides guidance for understanding our true nature and tools for accessing deeper levels of awareness. This new insight into how the Soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches, and CEOs all over the world as a method for helping people recognize their purpose and live from a place of power and truth. Her modalities of strength include Soul Language™, essential oils, therapeutic kinesiology and pranic healing, among others.

Through her programs, such as the Soul Language Identification and the Spiritual Leadership Program™, she gives individuals tangible tools they can use in their lives every day to help live with integrity, authenticity and prosperity. Jennifer has published an affirmation card deck with Caren Frost Olmsted called Keys of Grace.

Her expertise has been profiled inSheFinds.comCourier Post and The Beauty Bible; she has been interviewed by H. Les Brown for “News for the Soul” and Efficio Radio; and she has written and published her own articles on intuitive healing and understaing your soul in media such as: International Association of Women in Business     Online Women in Business Online Spotlight, Entrepreneur Business Coaching with Jeneth Blackert, MOMeo Show, Authentic Self Awareness, Lifegasms and Spiritual Rockstar, among others. She also has conducted many guest teleclasses within the spiritual healing arena, as well as served as a guest speaker or and delivered keynote addresses.


Entrepreneur, speaker, author, Fortune-500-trained marketing and business-building expert, Dr. Len Schwartz has impacted thousands of doctors, professionals and business owners in more than 20 countries.

During his 12 years as a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Len built one of the largest practices in Philadelphia, PA., (in less than 3 years in practice) and truly understands what it’s like to be in the trenches of private practice every day.

Over the last 15+ years it is estimated that he helped generate more than 150 million dollars in new business for his clients.

Dr. Len has worked with some of the biggest names in marketing and business- building, such as Tony Robbins, the late Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, the late Jay Levinson (author of Guerilla Marketing), E-Myth’s Michael Gerber, Bill Bartmann, Gary Ryan Blair and many more.

The late Chet Holmes, the New York Times best-selling author and Fortune 500 strategist, said he had never met another doctor with the same level of marketing and copywriting skills as Dr. Len.

Dr. Len is a business systems integration specialist and has "mastered" the step-by-step strategic marketing process that enables any doctor, professional or business owner to automate the growth of their business as well as penetrate and completely dominate their market. Dr. Len’s unique approach to having strategic marketing systems, processes, and procedures "grow the business" – is what makes his waiting list grow. His famous lecture, “The 8 Musts of Marketing for Building A Million Dollar Practice” has been seen by more than 20,000 people worldwide!


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Derick Van Ness is a professional Success Coach, Speaker, and Author based out of New York City. He’s passionate about helping people uncover and live their Soul Purpose at a higher level resulting in greater profits, job success, and overall quality of life.

Derick started his first business investing in real estate in Southern California. Over the course of 7 years, he owned, fixed, leased, developed and rented 130+ properties while building a reputation as a knowledgeable investor, business leader, and mentor.

Over time he discovered that he loved teaching even more than investing and turned his attention toward learning to be a world class coach and mentor to those looking for financial success and to get more out of life. Since Derick shifted focus in 2009, his successive marketing and coaching companies have helped hundreds of business owners increase their profits while also finding greater purpose and fulfillment along the way.

As an orator, Derick teaches lessons from personal experience, and brings a dynamic to his presentations not often seen in today’s world of slick talk – authenticity. As a coach, his former and present clients agree that Derick’s uncommon insight, ability to see beyond the surface of an issue, and personalized style of coaching get bottom line results in the real world.    

Dr. John Zielonka is one of Ottawa’s most trusted and best known health and wellness experts. His unique approach enables people to make informed choices and take an active role in their health. Only by looking at all of the factors related to one’s health can they maximize their true health potential.

     Dr. Zielonka is a Doctor of Chiropractic, holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, has a Fellowship in Natural Supplementation and Anti-Aging, is a certified rehabilitation doctor, a certified occupational health consultant and is the Director of Health and Wellness Canada. He is the author of 6 books; “Changing Lives Saving Lives”, “The Science of Vitamins Meets Optimum Health & Common Sense”, “Healthellaneous”, “Nutrition Insanity”, “Healthy Beliefs Deadly Choices” and co-author of the “World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed, Volume 3” which pre-sold over 70,000 copies. His Human Performance Lecture Series is the most comprehensive one of its kind in Canada with 68 different health topics of which some are now available on DVD. He has made numerous television and radio appearances including being a regular contributor to CTV Morning Live and he is the founder of National Health Day in Canada.

     He is the owner of the Ottawa Wellness Centre where he is the Director of Functional Medicine and the owner of the Ottawa Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre in Canada’s capital, considered by many to be the premier centre for health and wellness in Ottawa. He is also the winner of the Consumer Choice Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 having been voted the best Chiropractor and Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre in Ottawa. He has also designed what many health professionals consider to be the world’s best vitamins: Core Science.

     His patients have included everyone from the world’s fastest man, gold medal Olympic athletes, NHL, NFL and CFL players to past prime ministers, army generals, judges, major corporations and even newborn babies right in the delivery room.Dr. Zielonka, soccer coach, baseball coach, football coach and adventure enthusiast, along with his wife Katherine, super-healthy daughter Breana, energy-filled twin boys Tyler and Ryan, dog Jack, cats Haley, Dexter, Darth, Chewy, Squid and Sage, and horses Billy and Inari strive to make the world a healthier place.

Dr. Peter Amlinger graduated at the top of his class from CMCC in 1985, and has maintained a family oriented principle based practice in Mississauga since that time.

He was president of the Halton Peel Chiropractic Society since its inception through June of 2000. Dr. Amlinger founded the Wonders of Chiropractic meetings in January of 1992. The purpose of these meetings is to unite chiropractors in the principles of chiropractic.

Dr. Amlinger speaks regularly internationally and speaks at Dynamic Essentials meetings. Over the past 7 years he has visited Spain regularly to help the chiropractors organize the profession in that country and was instrumental in the birth of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic.

He has been nominated for the Canadian Chiropractor of the Year Award three times, and was the recipient of this award in 2006.

In September of 2004 he started Chiropractic Pure and Powerful, a seminar bringing some
of the Nation’s best speakers together in an effort to unite chiropractors in the principle. He is also president of Purposeful Living Inc. which is a chiropractic consulting and speaking service.

In 2005 he was elected to the council of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, and in 2006 he was elected to the Executive Board of CCO. He was elected President of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario in June 2009 and was re - elected in April 2010 for a second term. He completed another two terms as President of the CCO from April 2012 - April 2014. In April 2012 he was elected Secretary Treasurer of the FCEARB. In December of 2012 he was awarded the Heart and Hands Award by the Ontario Chiropractic Association, an award commemorating Dr Michael Brickman’s contribution to the profession.

Dr. Amlinger sees his role as a teacher as that of facilitating personal growth in chiropractors, their families and their staff so that they can fall in love with the principles of chiropractic, integrate them into their lives, and develop their “ideal practices” from the inside out. He sees the principle as the uniting force in chiropractic and is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and utilization of the principle around the world, and to helping people realize their God given purpose.

By surrendering to a life of purpose, vision and mission, one awakens their INNATE GIANT within and positions themselves to grasp the BIG IDEA. This opens the door to a life of joy and peace, and ultimately allows one to serve humanity with an attitude of loving, giving andserving, just for the sake of doing so.

Nicolas Ortner is CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC, a company with a mission to bring simple, effective, natural healing into the mainstream through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “tapping.” Tapping is a healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Nick’s goal is to empower people to create healthy, financially abundant and stress-free lives through his books, films, CDs, online events and speaking engagements attended by participants from all over the world. His NY Times bestselling book, “The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living,” was published by Hay House in 2013. Prior to that, Nick created and produced the breakthrough documentary film, “The Tapping Solution,” which follows ten people who used tapping to overcome tremendous challenges, including 30 years of chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, devastating grief and more. Both Nick’s book and film document real and extraordinary results that have inspired tens of thousands to follow suit by successfully applying tapping to their Lives. Nick has also produced first-of-their-kind online programs that teach easy, effective ways to apply tapping to anything limiting a person’s life or health. Some noteworthy examples are: The “Tapping World Summit,” a free, worldwide online event that just celebrated its fifth successful season and has been attended by over 1,000,000 people (; and Nick’s popular seven-week EFT coaching programs, which cover common issues such as finances, weight loss and more. Nick and the Tapping Solution team are committed to spreading tapping throughout the world, and particularly to supporting its revolutionary and world- © 2015 The Tapping Solution, LLC changing usage. They’ve raised over $250,000 for tapping-related charities such as ProjectLight: Rwanda, which aids genocide victims in that country (, The Veterans Stress Project, for veterans with PTSD (, and You Can Thrive! for women with cancer ( In 2013, Nick created The Tapping Solution Foundation, which has already raised over $250,000 for charitable work in Newtown, CT to support the community after the tragic shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Nick lives in Newtown, CT with his wife, Brenna and is releasing his next book, “The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief” in April of 2015.

Dr. Bryan Brodeur is a Chiropractor with many years of experience. He runs an upbeat, family oriented Chiropractic clinic with a strong focus on wellness, real stress reduction plans, and of course, real pain control.

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Jack is founder and former CEO of Chicken Soup® for the Soul Enterprises, which encompasses licensing, merchandising, and publishing activities around the globe.

Jack is a pioneer and world leader in the field of personal and organizational training. He has conducted more than 2,500 trainings, workshops and seminars—and has presented and conducted workshops for more than 500 corporations, professional associations, universities, school systems, and mental health organizations in all 50 states and 35 countries around the globe.

More than 100 million books sold. (and 500 million worldwide)  In addition to creating the blockbuster Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack is the multiple New York Times bestselling author of The Success Principles, The Success Principles for Teens, The Power of Focus, The Aladdin Factor, Dare to Win, You’ve Got to Read This Book!, The Key to Living the Law of Attraction, Coaching for Breakthrough Success and Tapping into Ultimate Success.

Jack holds the Guinness World Record for having seven books on the New York Times Bestseller list on the same day. He also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest book signing ever for Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul.

Jack has been invited repeated to appear on shows such as Oprah, Montel, Larry King Live, 20/20, Inside Edition, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, The CBS Evening News, The NBC Nightly News, Eye to Eye, CNN’s Talk Back Live!, PBS, QVC and many others.

Jack is the founder of The Foundation for Self-Esteem which provides selfesteem resources and trainings to social workers, welfare recipients and human resource professionals. Jack wrote and co-produced the GOALS Program, a video-based training program to help people in California transition from welfare to work, which has helped 810,000 people get off of welfare.


Dr. Timothy P. Novelli, of North Canton, Ohio has been in practice since 1985. After completing his undergraduate courses at Walsh University in North Canton, he received his Doctorate at The National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois.

After starting his practice in 1985, Dr. Novelli spent the next nine (9) years completing Diplomate Programs in the areas of Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, and Advanced Studies of Motor Vehicle Accident Biomechanics at The Spinal Institute of San Diego. Dr. Novelli also studied under Dr. Vernon Pierce, DC of Spartanburg, South Carolina who taught him the “Pierce Technique”, a cervical adjustment used for difficult cervical disc problems.

Due to his successful adjustment techniques, many medical doctors as well as chiropractic colleagues refer their most difficult cervical disc patients to Dr. Novelli for treatment. Dr. Novelli specializes in neuromuscular and skeletal injuries and, for over 25 years, has provided care for both professional and Olympic athletes from around the world returning them to competition sooner and improving their performance both on and off the field. In addition, he has provided chiropractic care and served as the Team Physician to the Ashland University Elite Track and Field teams, The Cleveland Browns professional football team, served as a Ring Doctor for MMA tournaments and is a Past Vice President of The North Central Academy of Chiropractic. For the past 28 football seasons, Dr. Novelli has served as the Team Physician for his Alma Mater, The Central Catholic Crusaders * 2 times State Champions.

After meeting Retired US Army Sgt. 1ST Class Dana Bowman at his Halo for Freedom event, Dr. Novelli had the opportunity to meet and extend Chiropractic care to over 150 Wounded Warriors. Soon after that event Dr. Novelli founded THE PATRIOT PROJECT. 

Chiropractic care is now available to our heroes in 17 states by some 250 Chiropractors. Dr. Novelli is now dedicated to encouraging members of his Chiropractic Profession to SUPPORT “the cause” and JOIN THE PATRIOT PROJECT.

Dr. Beau Pierce is the Founder of CircleofDocs, the online network for the Chiropractic Profession. His expertise in digital community building paired with his medical background has catapulted him to be a in demand speaker and lecturer. His Chiropractic practice is located in Santa Maria, California and where he resides with his wife and two children.

Dr. Jeannette Marie Anderson has 24 years of trustworthy, professional experience as a chiropractic doctor. She is the founder and CEO of Anderson Peak Performance, a Manhattan based chiropractic and wellness center with a tremendous following among professional athletes and performance artists of international reputation, who appreciate both the quality of her care and her discretion.

Dr. Anderson received her chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri, acclaimed for the excellence of its sport science and rehabilitation programs. An accomplished marathon runner, triathlete and skier, Dr. Anderson committed herself early in her career to the chiropractic care of injured professional athletes and performance artists. After graduation from Logan College, Dr. Anderson trained as an extern specializing in functional movement, athletic injury and rehabilitation. She pursued her specialization by obtaining an athletic training certification from Brooklyn College and graduate studies in exercise physiology at LIU Brooklyn. Dr. Anderson continues to improve upon and update her knowledge of chiropractic care and wellness by completing course work in chiropractic, technique, neuroanatomy, rehabilitation and nutrition.

Currently, Dr. Anderson’s expertise in athletic care has resulted in her second World Championship as Chiropractor for Team USA. Her most recent appointment was for the 2013 USA Para cycling World Championship in Quebec, Canada. Her last Olympic appointment was for the United States Track and Field Team at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Following her involvement at the Athens Olympics, Doctor Anderson was invited to continue treating US athletes at the Winter Olympics Training Center in Lake Placid, New York. Additionally, she is a tenured Team Chiropractor to nationally ranked US junior athletes competing nationally and internationally in Track and Field scholastic invitational events.

Dr. Anderson’s career has currently expanded into public speaking at Columbia University and as the 2014 keynote speaker on leadership at SUNY Geneseo. She may also be found on the web at New York’s Spotlite Radio Show and Ted Talks NYC.

Dr. Anderson recommends specific treatment plans for each and every patient to meet their individual needs. This is designed as a combination of chiropractic care, functional movement and rehabilitation, nutrition, postural exercises, and stress management to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Outside of her work at Anderson Peak Performance, Dr. Anderson maintains a vigorous fitness regimen and devotes significant time to charitable endeavors and the apprenticeship of new languages. Her philosophy is “A FULL LIFE IS NOT WHAT YOU GET FROM THE WORLD, BUT WHAT YOU GIVE IT”.

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Janet Switzer Spent Years As A Strategist Helping Authors And Speakers Build Their Empires — and is unique among experts as the woman who’s developed and executed the day-to-day income-generation strategies of many of the world’s top celebrity entrepreneurs.

Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul; Mark Victor Hansen, author of The One Minute Millionaire; personal finance expert David Bach; motivational speaker Les Brown; underground business guru Jay Abraham, and tapping-therapy founder Dr. Roger Callahan have all been her high-profile clients, among many others.

She’s the #1 bestselling author of Instant Income: Strategies That Bring in the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs from McGraw-Hill Publishers. As well, she’s the New York Times and USA Today best-selling co-author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, published in 26 languages.  

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Dr. LaRocco is proprietor of The Greater Well-Being in Mamaroneck, NY. He takes great pride in providing exceptional chiropractic care and more to every practice member – from newborns to seniors.

David received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.) from Life University Marietta, Georgia in September 2002. Upon Graduation, he acquired experience working in White Plains, NY, Connecticut and Massachusetts before moving back to New York to realize his dream of opening his own chiropractic office in his home town. He is trained in a variety of techniques to adjust the spine and to remove interference to the nervous system. He also has training of over two years with the I.C.P.A. to specialize in pregnancy, pediatric and women’s care.

When he is not in the office, he is passionate about growing as a Chiropractor and a person and attends many seminars. Following the footsteps of his father, he is also a Volunteer Firefighter in Mamaroneck and has proven himself to be an inspiration to young people in the community.

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