The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Kelly Polzin

Genesis Per/Con Conference, the Pediatric & Family Chiropractic Conference of the year December 2nd & 3rd 2021 in Nashville TN.  15 CE Hours have been applied for through North America.  You can save 50% off your tickets for you and your team by using promo code KIDS at Checkout.  Get info and tickets at 

Drs. Theresa and Dr.Stuart Warner have been called ‘America’s Most Trusted Source for Raising Healthy Kids’. They have been in private Pediatric Chiropractic & Prenatal Practice in Point Pleasant NJ for 28 years where they have helped thousands of children & pregnant women overcome illness and optimize their health.  The Warner’s help chiropractors grow their practices with their online training academy at  They also founded Genesis Per/Con at, the CE Pediatric & Family Chiropractic Conference that attracts Chiropractors from around the country to learn the best science, strategies and inspiration to help more families in their practice.

Drs.Warner are internationally sought after keynote speakers and Postgraduate educators who are featured at Doctor Conferences and Parenting Health expos around the world.  They are warriors to effect change to reverse the alarming rise of childhood illness to help turn the sickest generation of kids in history into the healthiest through her signature strategies to boost immune and brain function in kids. The Warners also founded the ‘Lets Take Back Our Kids Health” Health & Freedom Summit & Expo at and are leading the Wellness Parenting Revolution. 
They also speak at freedom rallies at state capitols around the country to protect parental rights, religious freedoms and body autonomy and to inspire patents to raise healthy kids. 
Drs. Teri & Stu Warner is a media spokesperson who regularly appears in the National Media on TV as a kids health expert talking about the benefits of Chiropractic care for kids and natural approaches to health and wellness.  Their ground breaking segment on The Doctors TV Show on chiropractic care for newborns was highly acclaimed for raising awareness of this important topic.  
Drs. Warner gave testimony before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and also Dr. Teri  presented to the Council on Women and Children at the United Nations NGO Department of Public Information where she talked about the important role of the pediatric chiropractor in children’s health. 
Despite their many accolades, their greatest achievements by far are their 3 beautiful children: Sydney, Skylar, and Alexis. 

In 2013 Dr. Ian was named the youngest Alumni of the Year. That same year, inspired by a local 4 year old girl with stage 4 cancer, he started a nonprofit branch of my practice to expand access to the miracle of Chiropractic and holistic care for people in need. Shortly after, Dr. Ian read about a Federal program called Public Service Loan Forgiveness which would erase student debt tax-free and he was able to qualify and he has been teaching other docs how to make the world a better place and get their student loans erased since 2016. By the end of this year Dr. Ian will have started over 400 nonprofits and his clients are expected to save over $100,000,000 on their student loans! and the webinar plus free phone consultation after is a free giveaway.